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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovie's Nursery Reveal. xoxo.

I put the finishing touches on it this afternoon. 


 my little helpers. there wasn't much they could do "wrong" as I was priming the entire room white, so I just let them help. 

Here is my pinterest board that held my inspirations. 
Love pinterest.  This was the first picture that started it all!

the fabrics and paint.

The reveal. xoxo.

It is quite a small room, approx. 8 x 10, but that doesn't have to keep you from loving the space you're in! This is my favorite room in the house right now!  Such a peaceful, happy place. 

Some of the pillows were made by Jake's Mom, Grammie.
the blanket by our sweet babysitter, Kaelin. 

Crazy doll that had to come home with me from "home goods".
ended up being part of the inspiration for the room. 

beautiful handmade curtains by grammie. xoxo. 

figured this verse was quite applicable as before i know it i'll be awake day and night. 

my friend jeane' so kindly gave me this vintage rubbing alcohol bottle. it will be used and loved. 

 that picture was made by my sweet friend and neighbor jessica, a very meaningful birthday gift.  the old creamer was jake's grandmother's. 

we love you so much and don't even know you! 

found that vintage clock last weekend. 
it glows.
it was ugly brown. 
now it is bright blue. 

essential "i'm settled in" supplies. 

 the pillow fabric, another handmade creation by grammie. 

Paisley and the baby will share a closet. 

wrapping paper i liked from target. 
lined the back of the shelves with it. 

one of the final touches found this afternoon.
i'd been searching for the right one and found it here
for free. 
wuvs it. 


sharpie meets glass. 
who knew permanent marker could do such great things?

vintage chevron blanket found at a garage sale. 

first baths. 
each of our babies had their first baths in this tub. 

and lastly, the delicious pictures my friend michelle took of this nursery....she's getting together a new line of stationery and photos to sell on her etsy shop.  you simply must check out the way she captured Lovie's room, here you go!  EYE CANDY!!   

and so we wait. 
we wonder. 
we pray. 
we hope. 
and we love. 

37 weeks. 

"Where thou art-
 is Home."  
~Emily Dickinson~


AmyK said...

Gorgeous, Janelle! Its is peaceful and cheerful! I love it!

Heather Buckwalter said...

love this!! :)

Laura said...

It's beautiful!!!! I can't wait to read all about baby's arrival! Blessings to you in these final weeks! :)

Kelli said...

The room is just beautiful! Love everything about this room but I really love the pillows and changing table.
You sure have a talent for decorating...
Have a wonderful day!

mapleleavessycamoretrees said...

So much attention to detail--love it! What a bright and cheery little room for a little one:) Great job!

Abby Riley said...

Did you just spray paint the crib? I would like to turn mine white, but wasnt sure of I had to do anything, or use anything special on it.
Your room is beautiful!

Lindsey said...

This nursery is SO cute! You did an amazing job! It looks even better than the inspiration picture. It looks like something that would be in Country Living magazine!

The lady of the house... said...

hi abby, thank you and yes, just spray paint. i 2 coats of primer first, (kilz primer in spray paint form) and then 2 coats of the color i wanted. krylon makes good paint that lasts and sprays evenly and uses the last drop! i put new teething guards on and just hope this baby won't decide to chew the other rails. ;)

Anonymous said...

Makes me want a baby!!!

Ok, not really! But, I love it!

amy said...

Wow!!! I love it all! Great Job!

mel said...

Just found this post from Pinterest. I LOVE this nursery!!!! It is absolutely beautiful. We are planning baby #2's nursery...and you have given me so much inspiration. Thank you!! Amazing job. Love all the details!

mel said...

Hi again:) do you have the name of the paint color you used for this room? I am paint searching! Was just curious. Thank you!!:)

The lady of the house... said...

Hi Mel, the color is ROBIN'S NEST BY BENJAMIN MOORE. happy painting!!!!