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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Wedding Day

"You have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes." Song of Solomon 4:9
I spent countless hours writing out our invitations, getting the wording and each stroke just right. My most talented cousin Freiman painted lovely watercolors of Jake and I, used on our invitation and our program.
My parents front yard. They put so much hard work into making their home fit for a king!
I will never know all the hours they put into this day! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAD AND MOM!! (and everyone else that worked so hard). It did not go unnoticed!
the beautiful bridesmaids.
I will NEVER forget the feeling of floating down the aisle toward my man!
I walked to the song by Rita Springer, "Moving with the Lamb."
Bless him, he just cried and cried! I couldn't stop smiling....
"Perhaps it is waiting that transforms
an ordinary love into an exquisite one."

~Joyce Landorf~

We washed each others feet as a symbol of servanthood to one another.
SO handsome!
Our fourteen was I to pick only a few of my darling nieces?
Why not have them all? It was so sweet. They all walked down together, sprinkling rose petals, the smaller ones being pulled along in a red wagon....
look how little?? Oh how seven years turns little girls into little ladies!!
so nervous before our first kiss....we just laughed....
and then finally....our lips met and we kissed for 20 seconds!
even now, when I watch our wedding video I get slightly uncomfortable at the length of the kiss....and it was me!! I guess that's what's happens when you wait until your wedding day to kiss for the first just goes on and on and on..... this was the BEST part, he totally dipped me was heavenly!!
we ran out to a song called, "Good Mornin' Life" by Dean Martin!

Our lovely wedding party! The program.... Looking back I realized I over-planned our ceremony...not something you want to do on a sweltering September day. There we were in the shade of the gazebo while our dear guests melted under the blazing sun. Sorry to all of you, if you're reading this now, for not having water for you to drink and shade for you to, I mean sit under! Our lovely ceremony lasted a good two hours or more!! You can read this post to get another bloggers insight of our wedding day, well, he says it's not about our wedding day, but it very well could be!!!
I think it's hilarious!! Anyway, time was standing still for us.....

port-o-pots CAN be cute! the place cards hung on wash lines...
every time we kissed this guy would blow the shofar! it was GREAT!
look how young we look?? i love this picture....
we had our own little table so beautifully decorated. above us hung a gigantic grapevine wreath lit up with Christmas lights and dried hydrangea still hangs in our living room today.

Jake's creation!! I had seen a picture in a magazine similar to this and he, being the creative, visionary man he is, came up with this idea using pvc piping...he spray painted it brown, then it was wrapped with grapevine, Christmas lights and dried hydrangea bunches. I thought it looked like Cinderellas carriage!! I loved it!!
our fabulous cake! i loved the little white dots all over it....
My Dad in the background, Jake's Mom, (Annie) in the forefront...good friends since they were babies....literally! Annie's Mom died when she was a baby so my Dad's Mom helped take care of her.
our first dance to "At Last" by Etta James....still one of our favorite songs. Dancing the night away! JOY came down rain like.....My Mom is on the left, behind Jake, in the blue dress....I can almost FEEL the fun in this picture.... "My lover spoke and said to me,
ARISE my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.
See!! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land."

Song of Solomon 2:10-13


Sarah said...

Janelle, I have really enjoyed reading about your beautiful love story ;-) The Lord has and is so good to us!!! May your marriage be filled with His richest blessings!!!
~Much love...

Bryan Allain said...

janelle, how dare you accuse me of being miserably hot and uncomfortable at your wedding!!! didn't you see that i said it was in massachusetts in july? or did you see right through that and realize i was talking about your wedding?

looking back now i must say that it was a cool wedding. it was long and it was hot out, but yeah, it was cool. and if i was talking about your wedding and saying i was miserable, then maybe i was just a young blogger then who was a bit self-absorbed???


Aimee said...

I wish I would've known you back then Janelle! It looks like it was an amaaazing and very personal wedding! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Anne said...

Janelle, you know, you only live a state away. I think I may ride my bike to come see you one crisp fall day. I think that you must be one of my favorite people even for never having met.

My heart jumps in my chest when I see that you've blogged.

What a devout and endearing soul you are. How blessed is your husband to have gotten you.

Anna said...

What a beautiful wedding you had! Thanks for taking time to share it.

Consume me... said...

Such a sweet post...Thank you for sharing such intimate memories!

Anonymous said...

you do look so young in those pictures. like two kids getting married.
how time flies.
how sweet is it.

clarita yoder said...

Oh, how beautiful!! You were such a beautiful bride, but I don't think your beauty had faded a bit in these 7 years! I love all the darling touches, all the details you showed pictures of. It must have just been a dreamy day... Thanks so much for sharing your love story and now your lovely wedding. You are such an inspiration and encouragement! Your husband and children must surely feel most blessed to be given YOU!