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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on FIRE!!

"I just need you to know that I do not support this!" I said as I sat on the hillside, all three children in hand. I had watched my "beast" of a husband, (used in the best of terms) tear off our old barn roof and gather the one hundred year old cedar shakes, he placed these in a huge pile, flanked it with two evergreen trees and encircled it with lighter fluid!!! What started out as a friendly little fire, QUICKLY engulfed into 20 foot flames licking the sky and coming dangerously close to the barn! My dear husband was all the while trying to contain this monster with our garden hose! It was at that time that I thought I should speak my final words: (see first sentence). After several minutes he turns his gaze my way and says, "I think you better call them!" I needed no more words....I dashed for the house and anxiously dialed 911. My husband doesn't "freak out", see this story for greater evidence of, when he "called in the troops" so to say, I knew it was serious! I also had an idea that it would possibly come to this after I watched him begin to spray AROUND the fire and onto the side of the barn so as to wet the area to keep the flames at bay!!

2 minutes later.....
the boys were in their glory: the firefighters and my children!!

The Police Officer was a HOOT! When he first arrived he walked straight to Jake and pulled out his handcuffs! We both looked at each other with eyes the size of marbles....."just kidding" said the officer! Later in the night I asked him to take out his handcuffs again so I could get a picture....all the while knowing this would make for quite the post....just like this other fire incident did last Summer!!
It all turned out great: Tyler got to sit in the fire truck, we got to meet our new police officer, the neighbors were entertained on what would have been a drab Tuesday evening and our tax dollars went to good use......oh, and our barn didn't burn down.
I love my brave husband for attempting such a great feat....
and admitting when he needed a little help!!!!


Jeane` said...

Oh, Janelle! I found this so funny that I asked Curt, sitting to my left with his laptop, to read it as well (he keeps chuckling...he says "good for him...he called for help!). My favorite line was the opening one..."I do not support this". I could totally relate...our husbands where certainly made from the same mold.
GREAT posting!!! And incidentally, those pictures of the boys on the beach are super!!! North Carolina perhaps??

Anne said...

Oh, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!

Boys will be boys...and apparently, men will be boys sometimes too :)

But you're right, at least he admitted he needed help before things got too out of hand. How fun for your boys too! This will be a funny family story for years to come, I'm sure!

tines said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! janelle! i had no idea that this happened! love it. thankful all is well and jake didn't end up in jail:) xo

Mark and Heather said...

Janelle, both your posts made me laugh and yes i would love to get together and the 6th sounds great. Would 9:30ish work? Let me know. My number is 252-876-2745 or you can leave a note on my blog!

Bess said...

Oh HA HA HA HA HA! That is awesome! What memories!!!

Consume me... said...

HAHA! So THAT'S where the trucks were going!!! Your story is all the more reason why I will NOT be attempting to burn my HUGE pile of shrubs and such any time soon!!! Best part of the story is Tyler's backpack....did he run in and pack "just in case"???
Second best is Jake's sheepish look as he leans on the truck door!!!
Do you think your story will make this week's Strasburg News???

Anonymous said...

i still pee myself. hearing you recall the story to shar and i. too funny. go jake!