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Sunday, February 28, 2010

i can't give up now!!! i'm soooo close

Well, it's Sunday afternoon and here's the bottom line,
it's not about winning the camera anymore....
it's about winning!
I know, I know, winning isn't everything,
but it is something!!
I'm so competitive it's not even funny!!!!
The current standing is 326 vs. 323,
I'm down by 3 votes!!
This is MADNESS!!!
We have until MIDNIGHT tonight to get the most votes for
Tyler's poop story!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR TYLER
Tell your husband,
your Mom, and
your cousins brother
to get their vote on!!!
Shameless, shameless begging by a woman
in navy blue sweatpants.

(ok,ok, i'm getting a grip! i'm going to go eat a slice of strawberry cheesecake
and take a nap, in which i will dream of my new Polaroid camera and the memories that will be made).
Hey, dreams DO come true!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A favor to ask?

Ok, so I'm no politician, (I'll leave that to my brother)!!!
However, I AM going to ask for your VOTE!!!
I entered a HILARIOUS STORY about Tyler over at this site.
And guess what??? I was chosen as one of the top 5 stories!!!
The WINNER gets this:
Oh, be still my heart!!!!

it's an adorable mini Polaroid camera!

So, here's where the favor comes in!
The winner will be the one who receives the most votes!
Oh, dear readers, don't let me turn back into a Polaroidless pumpkin!!

Would you go to her site and vote for my story??

THANKS SO MUCH and I'll keep you posted!
If I win, I'll celebrate with a giveaway!!
OH WAIT, I'll be doing that anyway in about one week:
to celebrate my 400th post!!!

Okay, so like my Mom use to forbid me from doing,
I'm going to "boss you around"
and say, GET TO VOTIN' YA'LL!!!!
(If I use that beautiful Southern accent, it sounds nicer doesn't it??)

"Winning is not everything,
but the effort to win is."
~Zig Ziglar~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another BIG one!!??


"A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations,
but look what they can do when they stick together!"
~unknown author~

and for all of you have had it up to "here",
(outstretched arm above my head) with all this snow, here's a quote for you:

"A lot of people like snow,
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water!"
~Carl Reiner~

and lastly, one to make us all chuckle:

"Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people
couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in awhile."
~Kin Hubbard~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So you want to be cute.....

...AND modest? IS that possible??

I dare say YES, it sure is!! My friend Jena has this fabulcious , (fabulous + delcious) blog where her motto goes something like this;
"so you want to be cute, and you want to be modest....I can help."

If this is something that is important to you please give her blog a visit.

She has a great array of practical, insightful advice with links for places to shop!!
Here's a little number that I ordered off her site last year,
isn't it the sweetest swimsuit ever?? (I had to send it back though because
it didn't fit my milk filled self~~sad, sad day).

And the name of her blog is so stinkin' cute too:
Cute Covered. Don't you just love that!!??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Creative Correction

I listened to this broadcast last week from Focus on the Family. I'm a new woman, well at least a new MOTHER for the time being. It's so great to ENCOURAGE OURSELVES when we have the time. So instead of thinking of all the other things I had to do after I was finished with the dishes, or allowing my mind to turn to selfish thoughts of being overworked and underpaid, I decided to actually FEED MY SOUL while I cleaned up the dinner mess. So, I went online and listened to Focus on the Family's broadcast from last week.

The author of this book was sharing~~

Here are the five things that stood out to me the most, in no particular order:

1.) Don't just correct the flesh~train the heart! So this would probably mean I should stop opening the "drawer" with lightening speed and breaking out the "stick" and so delicately lying it in PLAIN view for the next repeat offender! But to actually take 20 minutes and PARENT! Talk about what they did, why they did it, confess it, ask for forgiveness, pray. If I can find 20 minutes to blog each day, I can probably find 20 minutes to TRAIN MY CHILDREN!! ouch! *p.s. this isn't a forum to talk about how we agree/disagree with spanking, thanks*

2.) Do I correct just for CONTROL in my home? What is my parental attitude, (yes, we have them, all of us Moms and Dads out there, we.have.our.own.attitude.problems, well I DO anyway). Lisa said something that really RESONATED WITHIN ME~~~"sometimes I resort to yelling, or just ignoring it for my own peace, MY OWN COMFORT. Or I correct just for NO GODLY REASON, just because I want control in my home. And that unfortunately is so short-sighted. Sometimes our attitude is just PEACE AT ALL COSTS instead of the big picture which is training them to RESPOND to God. Yikes, that one stung!

3.) Even in the mistakes I make~God in His mercy can cover them and turn them for good in my children's lives. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who fears I am "messing up" or "not doing a good enough job" with my children. But if I am the only one, I'm sure glad I heard these words because they have encouraged my Mother heart.

4.) Recognize our children have their own choices to make~many people refer to that verse about training up a child in God's ways and they will not depart from it when they are older. And yet, there are beautiful families that have children who do not walk with God. We must recognize that we have done our best to raise them according to God's ways. You cannot take the blame and get under that heavy load of guilt or it will break you. As my sister said well last week, "we cannot take the glory and we cannot take the blame!" In the midst of all of this, it takes me to number five.

5.) Stay on your knees.

Here is my prayer for myself today, from my heart through my fingers, you can pray it along with me in agreement or you can pray it over your own household....or you can click that x in the upper right hand corner of your screen and call it a day!!

"Lord~You have given me these children, called them into THIS home and saw a good thing when you made me their Mom. Please help me to train them according to Your ways and not mine. Fill me again today with the fruits of Your sweet Presence so that they can learn about patience and kindness through my example. Quicken me to see the teachable moments in this day, this week....not just for my children, but for me, mostly for ME! Bring your peace into this home through me, through my actions and reactions. I want to be LIGHT within my four walls, not a dark, looming, stressed, angry Mom. Thank you for caring about me and about my children. You are a good Father and I trust You. Amen."

"Your children become what you are;
so be what you want them to be."
~David Bly~

Friday, February 19, 2010

a new trick

I found a new "trick" today. Well, it's new to me anyway! The boys were up at 7 am, too early in my book! They don't go to bed until 8:30, falling asleep even later. Anyway, I stumbled over to their room this morning looking as darling as I can when woken too soon...."okay boys, you are not allowed to let your feet touch the floor until the big hand is at the 6, do you understand me?" Wide eyes and head shakes follow. Of course, I forgot that when boys are awake they'll be L-O-U-D whether they are IN or OUT of, needless to say my eyes didn't get one more second of beauty sleep. I just laid there and thought about all the lovely things I got to do today.

*Get everyone fed, dressed and out the door by 9:30.

*Bread making day with my sister Von. I've GOT to do a post on this. We've been making bread together since early October and it is AMAZING!! We grind our own wheat and everything . One loaf is already eaten since it came out of the oven this afternoon.

*My nephew Aiden is with us this weekend while his parents are in NYC seeing Eric Clapton in concert at Madison Square Gardens. No, I'm jealous at all!!

*Went and survived Target with 3 boys 5 and under, napless boys at that! And just between you and me, I picked up some adorable things for my upcoming 400th post giveaway! (As inspired by my friend Jeane` and her delicious blog)!!
*Just had a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato about an hour ago....and it wasn't decaf! Hey, I've got to have SOMETHING to keep up with these boys all night!!

*Hot tub with all the kids and now they're all bundled up on the couch watching "Toy Story." I'm sitting in our cozy kitchen listening to Miles Davis and dreaming about Springtime! My mind is reeling with grand ideas for the 50's Cocktail Party I'd like to host! in our backyard. Oh, what lovely, vintage masterpiece will I wear?? *To top it all off, the boys will be sleeping in the ginormous tent that is currently pitched!!! Remember how wonderful sleepovers use to be? I have such fond memories of my childhood.....and for some reason, my friends and I use to have farting contests when the lights went out! GROSS! (I won't name names)!! And I thought I was such a lady. I suppose your aren't BORN a lady, but BECOME a lady, right?!!

I hope you have a happy weekend.
Be back Monday.

"In childhood, we press our nose to the pane,
looking out.
In memories of childhood,
we press our nose to the pane,
looking in."
~Robert Brault~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogging 101

Okay, just as I promised yesterday, here are some helpful hints to get you on your way to blogdom as taught by Bryan. **p.s. I paid for this class and you get this info for FREE, that's how much I love you**

1.) the more you write, the better you write. Blogging can help you find your voice, your unique way of expressing yourself through words.
2.)instant feedback, (and what sanguine out there doesn't LOVE this one??) Can I get an "amen" Jeane'!!
3.)connect with potential readers, building "readership" if you ever hope to publish a book
4.) it's glorified journaling!!
5.) YOU have something to say that no one else has to say! Only YOU can share your unique view on life!


1.) CONTENT is KING. You don't have to have the most "blingingest blog", (my quote there), because what it SAYS matters most. And how can you be sure that you have good content? IF you're writing about what you're passionate about, then it's good to go.

2.) Keep it FRESH & CONSISTENT. If there isn't a post for a week to 10 days and someone happens upon your blog, they probably won't be back.

3.) Be scannable. People are lazy readers online so give them PoP fOr ThEiR eYe!! Make it interesting.

4.) Be opinionated! Tell people what you think so they can get to "know" you! If you want some comments then write something that people disagree with!

5.) edit. edit. edit. Try writing one day and posting the next.


1.) Comment on other people's blogs.

2.) social networking~facebook, twitter, etc.

3.) Guest posting, posting on another blog. Do you have a favorite blogger? Just ask them if they would be willing to have you post something that YOU have written.

4.) write good CONTENT. Make people want to visit again and again and again.

5.) Links. They are like the currency of the blog world.

Lastly, Bryan made an interesting point that I think about quite often;

So, on that note: it's HAPPY MINUTE, 11:11 pm which means I better be on my way to my happy place ~ under my down comforter in our freezing cold room, (we like to sleep in a cold room) on my fabulicious pillow next to my Man!! I've already made enough time to blog for today!!

just get STARTED....everyone has to start somewhere!!!
Here's my first post!

"Wheresoever you go,
go with all your heart."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to bring the bling to your blog!!

If you have a blog,
or wish to start a blog
check back here tomorrow for a few GREAT tips!!
Bryan Allain, master blogger,
taught us some tricks of the trade at our writing class last night.
I'd like to call it Blogging 101.

I don't have time to post it right now,
I must go torture myself at the Y.
No pain, no gain right?
Or in this case, no loss!!!

Happy Wednesday Friends.....
see you tomorrow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

being 4

"Mom, does Paisley have milk in her fingers?"
~curious as to why Paisley sucks on her fingers so much~

"Jesus has a Daddy like I have a Daddy."
~To Jake one night while lying in bed during prayers~
I tell the boys that it's important to brush their teeth so that the germs don't make holes in their teeth, (cavities). So, when I asked Tyler to wash the germs off his hands, he replied,
"Yeah, I don't want to get holes in my hands!!!"

"Mom, could you do me a favorite?"
~asking me to do a favor~

"Mom, when I get these polka dots on me
then that means the cold is coming out."

~Tyler speaking about getting goose bumps~

oh, the wonder of being 4.

In other news, I finally found the "missing snowman",
he's been gone since Christmas.
he died a violent death; gutted alive!

oh, and I found the other Thomas slipper as's amazing what
you'll find under a bed.

"Between the innocence of babyhood
and the dignity of manhood,
we find a delightful creature of a boy."
~Author Unknown~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He picked ME!!

Seven years ago today
he picked me!!!
And just so you know,
I'd say YES all over again!


Here's how he proposed.
You can read our
whole love story over there,
straight from my journals.....
"Like an apple on a tree,
hiding out behind the leaves,
I was difficult to reach,
but you picked me!!"

"Chains do not hold a marriage together.
It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads
which sew people together through the years."
~Simone Signoret~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The link to 2009!!

Last year I posted something called "The link to 2008" It was a review of sorts, some of my favorite things that happened each month. It was a great way for me to remember the special things that seemingly disappear into days, years. So, even though it's February, I'm going to still write my link to 2009. Here it is:

January-"before I was a Mom" a poem by an unknown author that spoke volumes to me.

February- Seriously, you guys ROCK!! I asked for some recomendations for my ipod and ya'll came through!! Check out the comments and upload some good tunes for yourself!!

March- Grammie, (Jake's Mom) turned 70!! And our sweet Luke turned 2!!

April- a little photoshoot and some crockpot granola before OUR LITTLE GIRL WAS BORN!!

May- celebrating Memorial Day, just a delightful day in so many ways! Hometown parade, picnic by the creek, new Baby girl napping on Daddy's chest, and the boys helping give Paisley a bath in the sink! O Sweet Summertime!

June- Tyler turned FOUR and we had a PARTY. This is one of my favorite photoshoots with the children and make Father's Day gift for Jake.

July- going to Cherry Hill Orchards, (a new tradition to be sure). My new bike from Jake that I took thru the McDonald's drive-thru, riding the little hummer around the empty Costco parking lot and basking in the day that was July 4th. Enjoying Ocean City, NJ with some precious souls!

August- The boys' first ever Baseball game!

September- the day my husband almost burnt down our barn, going for a hike with the children.

October- making applesauce with my Mom, Paisley's 1st tea party!

November- Our road trip to YWAM- Charlotte, North Carolina!!

December- a tour of Paisley's darling nursery, going to the Fulton Opera House with my favorite 4 year old, and our 2009 Christmas Card photo shoot and my husband's awesome skills installing our new woodstove.

So there it is, 2009 all linked up and ready to go!!!
"Happiness is a direction,
not a place."

~Syndey J. Harris~

A little Taste of Summer ~ 7th Annual Campout

It's looking like this outside right now....
but here's a little taste of last Summer:

For the past 7 years we've hosted my nieces and nephews for our annual backyard campout!! Each year we try to have some different/new for them to experience. This year it was THIS:

and it was a HIT! The kids, (and adults) loved it and bounced around until the sun went down....and kept bouncing after that because we had spotlights shining on it!! It was quite the sight! Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album blaring over the outdoor speakers, (with constant requests to play #12) all kinds of candy and drinks galore and the bouncy house!
Oh, the Summer of '09!!!

We had pizza, chips and drinks for dinner....

And when the sun went down, we had smores and popcorn.

Then we bundled up and watched movies on the ginormous outdoor screen!

And then we had ice cream cones at 9:30 pm because, well, it's SuMmErTiMe
and the livin' is easy!
Sleep came at some point, not sure when!!
Somewhere between the OLD "Parent Trap" movie,
the giggles of little girls and the sugar crash!!!

RISE and SHINE, it's time to bounce.
I'm not a morning person, but on this particular day while there
was still dew on the ground I was being tackled by certain little boys in an inflatable house! Breakfast was served!! I get the sugary cereal and the mini donuts,
you know, all the stuff you aren't NORMALLY allowed to have!

Oh, and they wanted the leftover pizza for breakfast too!
Hey, why not??
Already looking forward to this year!

Making memories isn't hard~
it just takes time!!

Make some memories for the ones you love this Summer....
start planning now, it will warm you up on inside!!
Here's the link to the 2007 Campout!
Here's the link to the 2008 Campout!
Too much FUN!! The kids grow so much in one year!!