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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little Taste of Summer ~ 7th Annual Campout

It's looking like this outside right now....
but here's a little taste of last Summer:

For the past 7 years we've hosted my nieces and nephews for our annual backyard campout!! Each year we try to have some different/new for them to experience. This year it was THIS:

and it was a HIT! The kids, (and adults) loved it and bounced around until the sun went down....and kept bouncing after that because we had spotlights shining on it!! It was quite the sight! Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album blaring over the outdoor speakers, (with constant requests to play #12) all kinds of candy and drinks galore and the bouncy house!
Oh, the Summer of '09!!!

We had pizza, chips and drinks for dinner....

And when the sun went down, we had smores and popcorn.

Then we bundled up and watched movies on the ginormous outdoor screen!

And then we had ice cream cones at 9:30 pm because, well, it's SuMmErTiMe
and the livin' is easy!
Sleep came at some point, not sure when!!
Somewhere between the OLD "Parent Trap" movie,
the giggles of little girls and the sugar crash!!!

RISE and SHINE, it's time to bounce.
I'm not a morning person, but on this particular day while there
was still dew on the ground I was being tackled by certain little boys in an inflatable house! Breakfast was served!! I get the sugary cereal and the mini donuts,
you know, all the stuff you aren't NORMALLY allowed to have!

Oh, and they wanted the leftover pizza for breakfast too!
Hey, why not??
Already looking forward to this year!

Making memories isn't hard~
it just takes time!!

Make some memories for the ones you love this Summer....
start planning now, it will warm you up on inside!!
Here's the link to the 2007 Campout!
Here's the link to the 2008 Campout!
Too much FUN!! The kids grow so much in one year!!


Jeane` said...

Beautiful, refreshing "in-the-good-old-Summertime" post! My favorite picture? The meadow tea in the beautiful glass dispensor. I could almost taste it! Thank goodness children do not peruse blogs, or there would be many who would most definetly be bemoaning the fact that they were not born into your family. :)

Michelle said...

I am going to hire YOU to plan a party for me - you have a lovely gift! This post made me wish I was your niece :)

Vickie said...

You guys are the GREATEST!!!! This is when Ash needs to be too! (Okay, it looks like one of the Welsh kids stopped by as well).

Sheryl said...

oh boy do i want to be a part of YOUR family!! love everything about your campout.

thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. it is so great to meet new friends.