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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The link to 2009!!

Last year I posted something called "The link to 2008" It was a review of sorts, some of my favorite things that happened each month. It was a great way for me to remember the special things that seemingly disappear into days, years. So, even though it's February, I'm going to still write my link to 2009. Here it is:

January-"before I was a Mom" a poem by an unknown author that spoke volumes to me.

February- Seriously, you guys ROCK!! I asked for some recomendations for my ipod and ya'll came through!! Check out the comments and upload some good tunes for yourself!!

March- Grammie, (Jake's Mom) turned 70!! And our sweet Luke turned 2!!

April- a little photoshoot and some crockpot granola before OUR LITTLE GIRL WAS BORN!!

May- celebrating Memorial Day, just a delightful day in so many ways! Hometown parade, picnic by the creek, new Baby girl napping on Daddy's chest, and the boys helping give Paisley a bath in the sink! O Sweet Summertime!

June- Tyler turned FOUR and we had a PARTY. This is one of my favorite photoshoots with the children and make Father's Day gift for Jake.

July- going to Cherry Hill Orchards, (a new tradition to be sure). My new bike from Jake that I took thru the McDonald's drive-thru, riding the little hummer around the empty Costco parking lot and basking in the day that was July 4th. Enjoying Ocean City, NJ with some precious souls!

August- The boys' first ever Baseball game!

September- the day my husband almost burnt down our barn, going for a hike with the children.

October- making applesauce with my Mom, Paisley's 1st tea party!

November- Our road trip to YWAM- Charlotte, North Carolina!!

December- a tour of Paisley's darling nursery, going to the Fulton Opera House with my favorite 4 year old, and our 2009 Christmas Card photo shoot and my husband's awesome skills installing our new woodstove.

So there it is, 2009 all linked up and ready to go!!!
"Happiness is a direction,
not a place."

~Syndey J. Harris~

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Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend part of a snow day! Your blog has been so entertaining. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, creativity and delightful family this was. Ruthie