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Sunday, February 8, 2009

ipod update and the grammy's

okay, so i've been watching the grammy's the past hour or so and i'm realizing that my ipod is in need of a major update. i'm contacting my "blog world" for some advice, what to download? who to add? i'm in serious need as there are still Christmas songs stuck in my shuffle mode! a few notes about the grammy's thus far: way to go coldplay! LOVED their jackets! All that color on stage just lit up my night! for those who didn't see it, the colors were fuchsia, turquoise, apple green and plum~only really cool men can wear color like that and pull it off so effortlessly. i wasn't really into the beginning of the act though, with chris martin on the piano playing so nicely and then some r&b was added....can we just stick with chris and his gang and stop all the rap stuff please? so happy for adele, but please, loose the gum girl. i was thinking as she walked to stage to accept her grammy, "swallow your gum, swallow your gum!" she didn't.

i have a cold and my head is stuffed up so i'm off to bed to find a comfortable position to sleep in, take some meds and sleep for at least 4 hours without interruption, (it's getting to the place where one must get up every few hours to, um, relieve ones bladder because of growing baby lying directly on top)!!

if you have the time, please send me some ideas for downloads, i'm looking forward to some new songs gettin' me through the day! all genres considered! what's on YOUR ipod?

here's to a new week and all my laundry is already done! whoo-hoo!!!!!
good night all.

p.s. my computer speakers aren't working so i'm just hoping this isn't some lousy remix of coldplay's song. is all well?


Anonymous said...

hey auntie.
the coldplay song on your blog is fine.. the real deal. but just a shorter version.

mk.. on my ipod lately is the Amelie soundtrack. havent seen the movie but the soundtrack is simply wonderful-im certain you'll love it. also i've been listening to rooney-but im not sure if you'll like them. i just love robert schwartzman (the cute boy that fixes ann hathaways car and kisses her at the end of the princess diaries! haha. hes the lead singer of the band.) o joshua radin. his sound is great. vicky beeching has great worship songs. o and kim walker has good worship too.

ill let you know more soon!


Anonymous said...

cold play would have been a suggestion, they are on my ipod and blog. also colbie caliat, some of her stuff that isn't on the radio as much is great. also loving daughtery and a new guy james morrison, he is on my blog at times, you would love him. and i have liked a lot of taylor swift's new stuff. oh, and don't forget good ole' J.T. and of course for a little country boy, Keith Urban, I just love him to bits.

Aimee said...

I love me some Coldplay too! Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you...I'm hibernating and haven't been in the music world for a while!

Sara Lazio said...

A few of my faves are the new Fray, Adele-she is one of my ALL time Favorites, she gets me through almost all modes, John Mark McMullian is a Christian Artist, Kim Walker (Here is My Song) Listening to her nonstop lately, Angels and Airwaves are a blast if your are working out, Hello Goodbye (cute), Check out Meese, so fun, the drummer is Adam's Best friend from Highschool, Great Colorado Band, (Great when cleaning) Moby's Album Last hour, Norah Jones Not to late, Shane and Shane good worship, The Eeels, If you need more I will check out Adam's Library. It's so good getting fresh music! Well I also wanted to ask for your address, I was thrift store shopping about 2 months ago and found something for your new baby. You can e-mail me your address Love reading your blog.
Have an awesome week.

Anonymous said...

Check out Ingrid Michaelson, and Feist - great chick music. Also, my favorite group is Death Cab for Cutie, weird name, great music.
-Kristen Dice

Bryan Allain said...

Erica loves Feist and Ingrid Michaelson. Another group with a great sound and female lead vocals is Eisley. you cant go wrong with either of their CDs, "Room Noises" or "Combinations". Also, Brooke Fraser's "Albertine" is amazing. It was at the top of the list for many bloggers last year. Sandra McCracken (Derek Webb's wife put out a new CD this year called "Red Balloon" that is phenomenal.

What else have I been listening to lately "Copeland", though that might be more of an aqcuired taste. The Fray's self-titled new one is good. Some older Postal Service stuff as well.

For some worship stuff, can't go wrong with Hillsongs and Hillsongs United. "This is our God" by Hillsongs is great. Also, we picked up a CD by a new artist, Kim Walker, from out in the midwest. The CD is called "Here is My Song" and i think it's a keeper. Half of the songs are spontaneous worship.

hope that gives you some ideas...

Lindsay said...

i have a blog now!

Faith Ecenroad said...

ADELE (saw her in concert last month......A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Nathanson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sara Bareilles, and so many more. I am a big singer songwriter fan! The LAst Kiss soundtrack is one of my favorites.
Christian Artists would be Kari Jobe (new one comes out this week), Kim Walker (intense worship), Brooke Fraser. All great!

I still had christmas music on my ipod too and just updated with lots of new stuff this past weekend.


CountryMidwife said...

Here's a list of mine... not all new music though...

Iron and Wine
Cowboy Junkies
Eva Cassidy
Ani Difranco
Neko Case (check this one out for sure!)
Jose Gonzales
Alison Krauss
Aimee Mann
Counting Crows

And do you know wonderful old favorites like the Indigo Girls, Peter Gabriel, REM?

Hugs, mb

CountryMidwife said...

Oh Oh Oh -- speaking of singer songwriters! -- Sinead Lohan and Patti Griffin and Patty Larkin and Shawn Colvin and.... I could go on! you tube . com is a great place to check stuff out for free :)

tines said...

*the weepies
*bon iver (don't have any albums but from what i've heard, i like the sound)
*the innocence mission

can't wait to hear what you find!

Kae said...

So, I have sooo much random stuff on my iPod... Loveeee Taylor Swift, David Archuleta, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Daughtry, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Josh Groban, and tons of other random songs by random people... Hope I'm of some help! :)

CountryMidwife said...

John Mayer has a sweet voice and is sooooooooooooo beautiful (so don't just go for the ipod, but you tube too!)

The Trendy Couple said...

Regina Spektor, Peter Gabriel, and some good 80's classics

Anonymous said...

ok first I found the BEST sight it's FREE, plays complete albums and songs as if you bought them, not like itunes that only his a clip or youtube which is one song at a time...this plays the ENTIRE album all day long if I want...can you tell I LOVE it! My new fav...Amos Lee, Arms of a Woman...I know you, and know you will love it!
Love, Carm

Ang Stoltzfus said...

THANK*YOU for posting this & asking for music suggestions...i too am going to have to check out some of these people!!! =) happy vtines day friend!

Mitch Smucker said...

Matt Nathanson is the greatest music you will ever listen to. This coming from someone who's listened to quite a bit of music.

Also, for some good piano based stuff you cant miss out on Jon Mclaughlin, Rob Blackledge, and Nathan Angelo

Ingrid Michaelson is good, I saw her on another comment too.

Also, a friend of mine by the name of Steve Moakler is a tremendous talent. Pittsburgh native with a good acoustic rock sound. Enjoy!

Lulu and Tutz said...

I'm a big fan of worship music...most of what's on my ipod is just that. (shows my age???) I just downloaded some good ones.
"Ancient Skies" by the Michael Gungor Band
"Whatever you're doing" Sanctus Real
"Everything" Tim Hughes
"At the Foot of the Cross" Kathryn Scott
"You're not alone" Meredith Andrews.

I actually have 2 cds in the shop today that I copied from're welcome to them if you have a desire for a mix of worship tunes

Lynda Crain said...

I think you'd like Blossom Dearie. She's very sweet sounding. And maybe Ray LaMontagne. And I just got the Free Chapel CD and like it a lot. And I don't remember - do you like country? I just started listening to Gloriana and I like them.

This is so fun! I've been reading everyone's comments and getting all sorts of new ideas.

Mary June Miller said...

Ever since I read this post - I have wanted to suggest a new Cd ( maybe promote one would be a better word).
My sister Lillian is the main female vocalist and our worship leader is the main male vocalist as well as the producer and writer of all the songs.
My sisters and I all sing backup! ( :
So if you are interested - you can get it on itunes and it is called 'Long Live the King" LLTK.
Listen to some of the clips and tell me what you think! Mj

The lady of the house... said...

THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS OUT THERE!! What fun I'll have updating my ipod AND lots of other folks got some great ideas too! Now, I just need to start an itunes fund!!! :-)

Here's to good music.