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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paisley's Fancy Tea Party!

It was so much fun preparing for Paisley's party this year.
She wanted a "fancy tea pawtee" so we went all out with what we had.
If you're going to own a bunch of tea cups you may as well make good use of them!  

We used the white banners left over from this party
Basically just computer paper cut into triangles and stapled onto ribbon.

All the flowers came from my Mother's backyard!
We placed them in small assorted jars down the center of the table. 

Luke making the chocolate covered strawberries.
He was very good at it once I got him started!
He's so precise.  Just like his Daddy. 

Pinwheels from Paper Polaroid. 

  Grammy made the delicious cupcakes. 
Thank you so much Grammy!  They are the BEST and made with such love!

Our sweet Mother's, Annie and Naomi, whom our girls are named after. 

The dresses were a gift from our neighbor Ms. Sandy. 
She came over the night before the party with them in hand, (and matching headbands).
It was an unexpected and lovely surprise.

Paisley and I made name cards for each guest with old buttons and lace. 

Two of my nieces came over to paint the little girl's fingernails.
It was so sweet. Thank you Sami and Kylie for making them feel so special!


We sang "God is great" before we ate.
The sound of all those precious little voices was heavenly. 

Luke and Tyler were excited to help serve and did a wonderful job. 
Luke was all set. He dressed himself and had his apron on, freshly sharpened pencil 
and tablet in hand! 

My nephew wore this adorable hand-sewn suit that he had previously worn as a ring bearer. 

the party favors.

sleeping beauty tuckered out! 

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. 

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

~Dr. Suess~