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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Capri!

How in the world am I saying this already?
Happy 1st Birthday Baby!  
Our darling Capri is one!
Here she is at several weeks old~3 months~6 months~9 months and 12 months. xoxo

 We remember our first meeting and Thank God for her sweet life!
She has made herself at home with us. 

(there are a few skips at the beginning of this video, but keep watching and it works just fine).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summertime and the Livin' is easy

 We're in a computer freeze land over here, 
I'm posting from our dinosaur PC in the basement using the instagram photos 
I take using Jake's phone!  Hopefully we'll be all put back together by the end of Summer. 
So many pictures stored here and there and here and there!  We need to just "bite the bullet" so to speak and invest in a good, new computer~! 
Until then:

 Neighbors that work at local bakery's 
make the best sorts of neighbors! ;)

"I don't want to hear it!"


Picnic in the Orchard.
Long overdue togetherness.  

Father's Day Invasion of Love!
annual breakfast in bed, scribbled cards of love and thankfulness for our "grat life".  And I couldn't agree more!

pb&j, lemonade and Kawasaki. 
An effortless transition from pj's to swiming suits. Plastic slides backed up to hot tubs, cold watermelon dripping down bare chests, fresh piles of sand settling in for hours of imagination, sheets flapping in the breeze ready for weary, sinkissed bodies as the fireflies start their nightly promenade. Hello sweet Summer, I've missed you old friend.

Lemonade stand!
"We're gonna get richt" exclaims Luke. 
As we were setting up he was getting so concerned about "all the cars that are passing by" so we had to hurry and get it ready! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


 Farmhouse Fresh.

Doves in window boxes. 

Lunchbox shenanigans as inspired by this article. 

Capri Crawls!!


Morning Light.

 Garage sale ready.


Good Morning 4 year old!

Daddy builds at Dutch Wonderland. 
Jake's business built a few walls at DW so we took
some ice cream to him on a hot day. It was an eerie/cool feeling 
being in an empty amusement park!

2 hour interview about our choice to home birth, 
 turned into a 5 second clip on a local news channel. 

Al fresco. 
Jake's brother and his wife were here from Canada. 
We enjoyed every.minute we had with them. 
Too short, but very sweet!

 Wall love. 


 welcome basket for Jake's brother. 
something for all the senses. 


Afternoon Theater. 

 Sunlight, sun bright. 

little friends. 

end of first grade. end of kindergarten. 
onward they go, upward they grow.

Miss Adventure. 
the higher, the better. 

Cleaning house. Track building. 
Trying to stay cool.  Containing Baby.
Laundry needs and Playdoh pleas. 

Summer night.
The beginning of grass sitting. 
Strasburg Elementary put on their annual Fun Fair. 
The night was perfect. 

We met a couple at church who was visiting Lancaster County. 
Turns out he has a bluegrass band and knows over 500 songs by heart. 
I asked if he and his wife would like to meet my parents and sing a few songs.
It was a sweet Sunday afternoon together.  
"Make new friends, keep the old.
One is silver, the other gold."

Nightly Feeding. 
Lovie Capri is growing.
And wow! So is our love for her. 
She is the most content baby we've ever had, (we'd have 3 more just like her)! 
She watches the world go by. 

 Happy Halls. 
The dear halls of Strasburg Elementary will close for good at the end of this year. 
64 years of history and schooling.  A new, larger elementary school has been built 
nearby and will house the students from Strasburg starting this next Fall. 
It's a bittersweet time for this small community. 

I need neither future nor past, 
but to learn to take today not too fast.  
~Jeb Dickerson~