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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summertime and the Livin' is easy

 We're in a computer freeze land over here, 
I'm posting from our dinosaur PC in the basement using the instagram photos 
I take using Jake's phone!  Hopefully we'll be all put back together by the end of Summer. 
So many pictures stored here and there and here and there!  We need to just "bite the bullet" so to speak and invest in a good, new computer~! 
Until then:

 Neighbors that work at local bakery's 
make the best sorts of neighbors! ;)

"I don't want to hear it!"


Picnic in the Orchard.
Long overdue togetherness.  

Father's Day Invasion of Love!
annual breakfast in bed, scribbled cards of love and thankfulness for our "grat life".  And I couldn't agree more!

pb&j, lemonade and Kawasaki. 
An effortless transition from pj's to swiming suits. Plastic slides backed up to hot tubs, cold watermelon dripping down bare chests, fresh piles of sand settling in for hours of imagination, sheets flapping in the breeze ready for weary, sinkissed bodies as the fireflies start their nightly promenade. Hello sweet Summer, I've missed you old friend.

Lemonade stand!
"We're gonna get richt" exclaims Luke. 
As we were setting up he was getting so concerned about "all the cars that are passing by" so we had to hurry and get it ready! 

1 comment:

Clarita said...

Precious precious days! They are all filled with precious people - some days I just want to pass more quickly than others. :)

The 'bored' poster is great!! I didn't realize how much Zoe depended on the structure of school, and now that it's vacation time we are needing things to do! And 'things to do' does not include movies!! :)