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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tea for Two. xoxo.

maternity photoshoots. 
they're all the rage rage right now.
i think it's a great way to capture those few short months when your body morphs before your eyes...carrying life on the way out! 

and so i've been gathering ideas on pinterest over the past few months, yet i still wanted to do something unique, an expression all it's own.  and then one pinning sunday afternoon this idea came to me...."Tea for Two." well,  i guess we aren't really two, we're two in ONE, but you get the point!    

and so the ideas started spinning.  i gathered things we already had, (i like to collect all things "tea party")....picked up a few store bought cakes, made some lemonade, a few tea sandwiches, and some chocolate covered strawberries and we we're set. 

Here's a link for these darling FREE alphabet printables....simply spell out whatever you'd like to say!  

non-maternity dresses from here. wasn't sure how the fit would be, but turns out stretchy material can get you far!  Ring was purchased from a friend and the vintage yellow clip-on earrings came from a garage sale.  

my sweet friend jessica is getting her makeup consulting business started.  she offered to do my makeup in exchange for using a few of the pictures in her portfolio. she is fiercely talented and unbeliveably affordable. she does bridal consulting, senior pictures, maternity photoshoots, prom nights, engagement pictures....
she can be reached at: or on facebook.

photography credit: angela stoltzfus. 
another majorly talented friend, who, when given a camera can do amazing things with it.  she has been taking our pictures since the time of our engagement, over 11 years ago!  "back then" she used good ol' 35mm film and worked wonders with it.  she has a great eye for details and angles. i personally don't think she gives herself enough credit, but i will!  


i didn't have yellow heels, however i DID have yellow spray paint.

now i have yellow heels!

the one on the left is a small glimpse into the nursery
i really like the color and the way it's coming together.
such anticipation. 


my baby daddy. xoxo.
he looked so handsome in his orange shirt.

and who wants to party all alone? 
the kids, (and adults) had a hay-day after we were all finished. 
miss kae, (our favorite sitter) was here to help out and i'm so thankful for that.  also, a grateful acknowlegement to jake's mom, (grammie) for making dinner so i could throw my pregnant self a tea party! :)


and so we wait for lovie to arrive....until then i will CELEBRATE the moments we share in one body!  miracle of miracles!!

 "Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be."

~Carrie Fisher~


Ang Stoltzfus said...

love it janelle! great post!

Michelle said...

I love it. Love it Love it Love it Love it. Love it all! :)

Rachel said...

omygoodness!! these are beyond Darling! and, i'm carnal like this, but your outfits! unbelievable cuteness! you make maternity look so fashionable! the blue dress just look stunning!

AmyK said...

GREAT photos!! You look stunning, Janelle!

Aimee said...

Ok, I can hardly stand all these amazing details. Seriously. You completely outdid yourself!!! You are AMAZING at throwing a party! And for yourself, no less!! :) I. LOVE. IT. (and, by the way, I'm loving the new look of the blog! super cute)

Vickie said...

gorgeous! I absolutely are so beautiful and this was such a CELEBRATION! Continuing to pray for you each day! xoxoxoxox

Jeane` said...

The blog's new look is clean, colorful and just plain BEAUTIFUL! As are you in all these spectacular shots that Ang captured!! I am so in the dark, I have never heard of a maternity shoot...but this will be a high standard to any I see from here on out! So 'you'!!!

Kelli said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Again I just love your blog...I really could spend hours just going over it!

What a fun photoshoot! Looks like quite a tea party after.

Anonymous said...

I love this, Shrish!
You truly 'glow' when with child :)
(I see Sami in alot of your expressions)
Love you!!

Kae Jo said...

Oh oh oh! They turned out so beautifully! Can't wait to meet Lovie! <3 Thank you for making me part of this special day! (the one where all the kids are at the table was right before Paisley said "Miss Kwae! Come to da pawty!"<3

clarita said...

Janelle, this is unbelieveably divine!! I could stare at your picture all day! Or frame them and place them all around my house! :) The Tea for Two is just precious as can be, and your decor!! For real, this is the most beautiful photo shoot ever, and to combine it with maternity pictures... THE best ever!!

You are absolutely stunning. You glow with a beautiful radiance, and your outfits! Oh my word! Both of them are just gorgeous! The lace top especially ~ where did you find such beauty?! And the blue dress!!

What beauty, oh what beauty!!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said... love love!

Melissa Stoltzfus said...

Gazing at this all a second time. . . . so beautiful! And I had no idea you could spray paint shoes!!!!