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Friday, February 10, 2012

10 years ago today

photo credit: angela stoltzfus.

Today. One decade ago. 
 He picked me and our lives changed forever. 
I pray it's only the beginning.

"We are gonna build a life together
You and I forever and ever
And we'll, we'll make babies on the beach under the stardust, (probably never will do this, but it sounds kinda nice....and sandy)!

And I'll hear your voice come through the door A thousand times, maybe more
And I'll smile inside to know you're mine

Do you know how lovely you are?
In the starlight, in the 
starlight of my heart
Do you know how lovely you are?
In the moonlight, in the moonlight of my heart

And I'll wind up every day
Thinking about the way you make me feel When your lips touch my lips And I'd crawl inside a cave Or live somewhere strange As long as I'm with you
I have got what I need."
~Angus and Julia Stone~

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