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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Paisley!

happy birthday to our Paisley girl!!
our lover-of-life girl.
our daring girl.
our tell-it-how-it-is girl.
our deeply-loving girl.
our laugh-out-loud girl.
our feisty girl.
our singer-of-songs-in-the-night girl.
our dress-up-fancy girl.
our keep-up-with-guys girl.
our imaginary-play girl.
our life-wouldn't-be-the-same-without-you girl.

"There is a garden in her eyes, 
where roses and white lilies flow." 
~Thomas Campion~

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paisley-girl 10 months

I see my Paisley-girl all over again in Capri!! 
These pictures are of Paisley when she was exactly Capri's age!

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."
 ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

these are the days

(picture on the dress I found at Costco, it's for Paisley)! 

Hello out there! 
Our life is FULL of LIFE right now!
 I'll get my blogging groove back someday, I think!
Bur for now, here are some of the highlights 
from the last few weeks: 



Tyler reading a lego magazine and taking as long as he wants to eat his raisin bran!
My kitchen is coming together one piece at a time, I'll show ya'll once it's ALL DONE!  
i looooooove it!! 

sweet man in the garden

Date night seeing Rend Collective!! 

Miss Kae, our friend and babysitter, 
Sunday school teacher and Disney movie provider! 
She loves our girls so good!  
(how stinkin' cute is Capri in this picture? TOTALLY her personality....and Paisley's too)!!  

FAVORITE Country Living cover EVER! 
speaking of thrifty & chic: 

we are in full on purge mode 
so come prepared to find some goodies!

 She's starting to get around, backing herself into corners and under the table for's just a matter of time until I can't leave her in one spot! Oh, they just grow up so fast, 
sweetie baby that is almost 1!!  

My inspiration picture for Paisley's 4th birthday party!
"Fancy Tea Party" it will be!  Cannot wait!

As we all know, this stuff is just fluff. 
What really matters are the things happening in our heart and soul
and I hope that as you are enjoying your life, (or just getting by), you are finding greater depths and heights.  Each morning I see the Spring blossoms becoming more full and I want to be just like them.  Grow and Bloom with each passing day, seeing LIFE come from death and beauty surfacing from the inside out.  
Here's to living a well-lived life!

“As long as we live, our self-absorption and our insecurity will walk together, holding hands and swinging them back and forth like two little girls on their way to a pretend playground they can never find. Human nature dictates that most often we will be as insecure as we are self-absorbed. The best possible way to keep from getting sucked into the superficial narcissistic mentality that money, possessions, and sensuality can satisfy and secure us is to deliberately give ourselves to something much greater...[Christ] showed us that giving, rather than getting, is the means to find yourself, your true self, you must lose yourself in something larger.” 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

our sweet Lukie turned 6!
we made some cupcakes for his kindergarten class. 
the umbrellas were his idea.
"to make us think of summertime!"
(that's my boy)!

Here's his Birthday Morning Greeting. 
We don't have many traditions, (they wear me out)
but this one has held strong and is a special gift for them as individuals.  He got spy gear and some other smaller items. 
The kids are really into being spies. 

Getting ready to CELEBRATE our
strong, independent, sensitive, inquisitive, daring, studious, 
silly, fast, creative, hard-working, spice-loving LUKE!!  
He wanted a "healthy, exercise party!"

  This was one of his pages of writing from school. 
so precious!

The equivalent of our March madness. 
Sunday afternoon gamefest.  


 The calender says Springtime 
so I will decorate as such!

 The benefits of being married to a landscaper. 
He brought boxes of pansies home one day after work. 

While cleaning the flowerbeds this past weekend I was having the boys help me dig out the "wild onions", (onions are one of Luke's favorite foods).  I didn't know where he had disappeared to and then I found him inside preparing the onions for dinner!
"Mom, I love the smell of onions!"

Attack of the Leaf Blower!
Jake and I tackled our yard on Saturday. 
We're a good team and finished quickly!

The boys saved up for their first big purchase, (we helped a bit).
They were so proud of what their "dollars" could do. 

This lady can be glad we took all their change to the bank 
and got dollar bills instead!

 Easter dreams. xoxo. 

Easter reality. 

Ye sleeping buds, break
Open your green cerements, and wake
To fragrant blossoming for His sweet sake.  
~Margaret French Patton~