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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, Good Afternoon, I just finished pouring the orange juice
into this beautiful vintage pitcher!
You're right on time for our lovely tea together!

And today is a day to celebrate:


The window is open, the birds are chirping
and a light breeze is blowing.
The sun is streaming in the window,

and it's just the right temperature outside....

I'm glad you received your invitation with plenty of time to plan.
The designs by Whitney English are so shabby-chic

and printed on lovely card stock as well.

This one is my favorite design:

Please, come on in and have a seat.

You love this table setting do you?
It is quite charming isn't it?

and the music?
Oh, that's one of my favorite compilations.

All the best classical songs put on 2 CD's.
The perfect accompaniment to this afternoon visit I must say.

oops, I just dropped a bit of juice
on this lovely white vintage tablecloth,
let me just wipe it up with these crisp, new tea towels.

The recipes I'm serving are from this book,
it's a favorite of mine:
I'm so glad you like all these things so much

(orange juice not included)

The vintage pitcher.
10 blank cards with envelopes,
(personally monogrammed for the special winner).
Two classical cds.
The vintage tablecloth.
The tea towels.
The afternoon tea recipe book.
And the 16 piece table setting..

all YOURS,
gloriously YOURS!!

Here's how to win it:
enter a comment
about something you enjoy
that barely costs a thing

(*comments will be printed, folded and placed in
a jar and one will be pulled randomly...old-school style!!*)

  • enter twice if you blog/facebook/tweet
    linking to this giveaway

I'll leave the comments open until Friday night.

because, really,
the BEST things in life
ARE free!!!!

Happy entering....


Jeane` said...

This puts my giveaway to shame! A mere 'pencil set' compared to an entire set of 'water pastels'! :)

Congratulations on "400"!!

Jeane` said...

Ooppss...Here's my 'entrance' submission:

Favorite thing that doesn't cost much:
Coffee with a friend. Like you!

Mary June Miller said...

I absolutely love to sew! I know the fabric costs something - but not if you reuse from a sheet or piece of clothing you already have but don't use anymore!

Congrats on your 400th post!! You are truly an inspiration - love you - Mj

Mary June Miller said...

Here I come again ( : !! I just Facebook-ed about this!
Wanna win this BAD! Mj

Sarah Gingrich said...

In the midst of earthquake-torn Chile I'd have to say; community. Sitting on my neighbor's bed with her watching news as she calls repeatedly to Concepcion trying to hear news of her daughter's fiance. Hugging tight when there's nothing else to say. Hugs of joy when my neighbors return from a harrowing trip through affected zones. That special love in community which shouts: You matter to us! We will grieve with you, we will laugh with you, we will carry your burdens with you.

Community. In times of disaster and times of singing and dancing; it sustains us.

Mark and Heather said...

yard sales and summer evenings in the garden

Mindi Bruckhart said...

When the weather is nice... taking walks with my family.

Jessica Lapp said...

Life's little moments capturing them with just a simple click of the finger and making those moments unforgettable, is one of the greatest things life can give.

Someone once told me, "You take too many pictures!" But I would beg to differ! My moto in life: "You can never take too many pictures!"

Something I enjoy that barely costs a thing...capturing life's little moments to enjoy for a lifetime.

Thanks for letting me share,
much love,
Jess Lapp

Chris & Megan said...

Something I enjoy that costs me little...curling up on my bed with my girls and reading books. I take that back, it costs me something...time, a clean house, clean laundry...but I gain so much more, the sweet laughter of my girls, them snuggled in close sucking their thumbs and twirling my hair, them asking so many questions about what we are reading, or them reading along with me as they learn the story. Yea, I'd say that's priceless...

I've said it before, and I'll say it many more times, I love reading your blog! Such peace and inspiration! Congratulations on number 400!!

Anonymous said...

A smile, a hug, a phone call just to hear them say i love you, the smell of rain and freshly mowed lawn and there's still nothing like the touch of mother when I'm sick! I'm amazed at depth of's free but so costly to one's emotions such as mine. My favorite free motto to live by is "and the greatest of these is love!"

Oh how I hope I win!!! :)
Judy Stoltzfus

Sharon Lantz Shirk said...

My favorite time of day is morning, barely daylight, nothing needs to be done ... yet, and the whole day is ahead for us...we don't know what it will bring, but before it starts we have coffee to gether. Befor breakfast, befor talking needs to happen, befor anything else, we sit quietly and enjoy each other's presence. Is this what God wants from us personally? Maybe, after all this time, I'm finally getting it!

Joyful Mom said...

Hmmmm.... how do I narrow it down?! Life is so special. A few of my favs:
~Holding my tiny newborn for the first time and feeling their whisper soft skin against mine
~My child slipping his/her chubby little hand safely in mine
~Watching my kids worship
~A perfect cup of tea (iced or hot)
~A smoothe, frosty smoothie enjoyed in the rays of the sun
~Long walks
~The company of a good friend
~PEACE- the kind that passes all understanding
Congrats on 400 Janelle, and the camera win:) Jolyn

Carol said...

wow i love the vintage dishes!! so pretty!

Chrisy said...

listening to gabriel pray. i'm so inspired by his pure, genuine, passionate 3year old love for jesus. i guess it does cost me something, my time, my prayers, my guidance...his constantly brings tears to my eyes as he speaks to heaven. the other day he said "thank you god that you know me"..that was it! i was done for!

i sooo enjoy being able to keep up with you on your blog.
love you, dear friend!

Jessica said...

A quiet moment with a good book, and lots of warm sunshine. Love your blog, first time here, but I'll be back.

Aimee said...

Nice giveaway girl! Wish I could come over this afternoon and have a real tea time with you!

Something I love that doesn't cost much - thrift stores! Duh! :)

Jena said...

STYLE!!! there is a general misconception that style has to cost a fortune, but you and I both know, style is more fun and gratifying when it is foraged for and hard won at a bargain price!

Jena said...

tweeted! @sheljena is my username

Jenny K. said...

i would have to say burlap fabric. it`s so sweet and pretty and cheap too.

Michelle said...

Yeah - Congratulations on your 400th! I love your favorite stuff. Not sure if I'm eligible to win, but I'll submit anyway. ;)

A few favorite things that cost practically nothing:

1. Going on a drive with my husband. He knows all the back roads, and we just "get lost" and enjoy great conversation.

2. Loving on my nieces and nephews.

3. Having a friend over for coffee and cookies.

Joyful Mom said...

Posted on fb as well :) ~Jolyn

Ranae said...

Congrats on the win!! I just love reading your blog, makes me smile all the time!
the thing I love the most is teaching my first born daughter to say "love you" and finally after weeks of just giggles she finally said "love you" it brought me to tears

ellen kauffman said...

afternoon at the library! :)

Esther@fleurcottage said...

walking barefoot through dewy grass on a hot july morning!

Bess said...

Oh, tough question! Do I have to pick just one thing???

Besides goes for a run (which I can't do right now), I enjoy sunshine and warmth. Totally free! :)

AmyK said... the spring and summer, one of my favorite things to do is watch perennials grow - first as tiny bright green shoots breaking through the ground until they are in full bloom. then I like to pick them and arrange them.

Linda said...

I love to flower garden and getting perrinials from friends is one way to do it cheaper!

Linda said...

I found this information out on facebook..Congrats to your 400th post. Linda

Michelle Y said...

I love taking pictures, and then having them all over the house. Besides the camera, which I bought awhile ago, I spend 8cents or less on a pic. This has also become my decor around the house so they pull double duty.

Katy G said...

These would be great for a tea party in a field photo shoot :) Something I love that costs nothing..our nightly dancing in the bedroom before bedtime. The kids stand (but mainly jump) on my bed while we blare music from the radio. Isaac does his best break dancing moves, while Madi does the robot. Lots of videos of them doing this which will cause hours of embarrassment in their teen years :)

Lindsey said...

I love preparing a cup of tea and sitting down for a moment to leaf through a home decor book. So relaxing.

Happy 400th post! I love your blog, it's very inspiring. :)

M. said...

Ok, here is what I enjoy that barely costs a thing: reading fun and interesting blogs like yours! I don't even have to leave my house! And while internet connection does cost monthly, we need it for business purposes anyway!

Anna said...

Watching my children play. They come up with the funniest things and have the wildest imaginations!

Colleen said...

Something that I love to do that doesn't cost a thing is spending quiet time with God, getting a glass of tea, my bible and curling up!

Thanks for your blog, I love following it :)!

Me & my boys said...

my husband surprised me with a trip to cabelas today. we spent half the day in there and didn't spend anything! it was fun for the kids, and for us. great family outing that we will all remember for a long time.

Sheryl said...

love your new header photo!!

we leave right on the shores of lake michigan...something i enjoy that is free and AMAZING...sunsets over the lake. so grateful that God has chosen this place for me to live.

Missy. said...

the beach on a hot sunny summer day...and a good book in hand would be superb!

Kelly said...

A mid-morning snuggle with my 15-month-old, right before his nap, and right before a cup of tea in the quiet to plan our day!

Sharon said...

Please pick me! Spank you! :) My favorite "free" thing recently was chatting with my make believe friend on your beautiful vintage telephone. Real, functioning telephone I might add.

Congrats on 400 Janelle Mibelle!

Vickie said...

Congrats dear friend!!! 400. You are a true inspiration...and I love you!

One of my VERY favorite "freebies" is the handwritten letter. I love to give it and I love to get it! When I see that beautifully addressed letter, it's time to make a cup of coffee and snuggle in for a good read.

Oh! Oh! My other free indulgence is suntanning!!!!! It is one of the best free gifts out there! My favorite is at the beach...sea shell hunting with my kids and getting a tan!!!!

The Trendy Family said...

I LOVE the smell of my new son after his bath! So sweet!

Arenda said...

Hi Janelle,
Congratulations on your 400th :) what a special event!! The precious thing I love to do is holding the hand of my husband. When we were dating we always would walk hand in hand and even in the car we would hold a hand. It feels warm, loving and secure. Now that we have two sons we always are holding one of them or pushing a stroller and the holding of hands seemed to be something of the past..but we are finding having dinner with friends and family...halfway through I secretly slip my hand in his under the table and share a one knows but we are so connected and loving eachother in those minutes. Besides tons and tons of sweet love and loving care this costs barely anything ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the goodies....!!! I commented yesterday but it didn't "stick" so anyway! Love "free" furniture that can be turned into unique pieces!!! Coffee which I have just recently learned to appreciate!!! and Max saying "luv you" in his sweet little voice!!!


stephanie weaver said...

walking barefoot thro the grass on a warm blue sky summer day with my loved ones drinking ice cold meadow tea :) love those plates by the way :)

Smokers in the Valley said...

Okay, so I wasn't gonna write anything but everyone MUST play nerftag with their kiddos with the music blaring. We run around our house like we're crazy and yell and laugh and IT IS SOOOO MUCH FUN. I enjoy it sooooo greatly and don't pay a cent!

Annette Garber said...

The view from my back window. If I wake before my children, I tiptoe down to the living room, turn on quiet music, and "open up my spirit" while watching the sky light up. In spring, I can observe the yard change color as petals and leaves bloom on our trees and flowers grow from the ground. In summer, I can watch my kids run around with the neighbors. In fall, I can see the school where my kindergarten-er attends. And in the winter I can watch my children build snowmen while I sip hot tea.

Oliviaverrillo said...

Hi Janelle! I have really enjoyed following your blog! I don't ever comment on most blogs, but your contest really got me thinking. So, here's my entry:

The thing I enjoy most is sharing a good laugh. Not just a chuckle or a snicker but a gut-wrenching, can't-catch-my-breath laugh. The kind that inspires the thought, "Can one die from laughing?" I have had the joy of experiencing many such laughs with my family and friends and can say that it is an experience not to be missed.

Congratulations on your 400th post!

consume me... said...

A pair of congrats are in order, I guess! Winning the giveaway AND getting to your 400th post all in one week!!! CONGRATS!

My favorite freebies...
*Sitting in my favorite chair w/Beth Moore in hand and a cup of coffee
*Swinging on my hammock on a sunny day with a book
*playing a game with my kids
*walking through Target (with the wallet in the car!)
*Walking on the beach

LydiaPetersheim said...

I just started following your blog...and it is truly inspiring!
I have to say the greatest thing to do with little money is sitting down with a cup of hot coffee and a magazine, in front of the fireplace in the winter and out in the sunshine in the summer.
ooooo, i hope i win! congrats on the 400th!

Anonymous said...

Things that I love that don't cost anything: My husband's car pulling in the driveway after a long day, rocking my baby to sleep, cuddling with the kids as they wake up

Love the contest Janelle!
Julie Martin

samantha said...

Things that I love that dont cost anything: Going to your house! Luv ya

Anonymous said...

Things that I love that don't cost anything: Many things! Spending time with my husband, also watching a beautiful sunset, sitting on the beach watching the waves crash upon the shore, and looking through a photo album with full of photos from years back and reminising on all the memories that each photo captures!

What a great giveaway! Simply elegant :)

The lady of the house... said...

Of course, I am not eligible to win this giveaway since I am the Giver!!! However, I had to add my little comment:

Something I enjoy that barely costs a thing:

*whispering crazy things in my children's ears to make them laugh.
*Blogging which is totally FREE!

Hostetter6 said...

Hmmmm ... what are my fav free things???

Without a doubt, hug-a-bugs from my 5 boys (4 little dudes + my hubby), watching my sleeping angels and hearing my littlest love say "mama." He can say it millions of times in a day and I never get sick of hearing it!

You are right, Janelle, the best things in life are indeed FREE!

Anonymous said...

After being cooped up in the house for months with a newborn.....finally getting outside!!! Laying on my back in the snow, breathing the cold air, looking at the beautiful sky, and listening to all the faint sounds around me....GLORIOUS!!!

Also, looking at my whole family surrounding me in church...and thinking how special it is to worship with my husband and children


Shelly said...

What a great giveaway! Congratulations on your 400th post. [I just celebrated my 200th post with a *mini* giveaway]

I've been enjoying cups of hot tea these winter evenings with my husband after our children are tucked in!

Anonymous said...

"I have a coin that I enjoy and it costs only 30 cents.". Jonathan Romanoff
Jonathan is 7 yrs. old and loves writing challenges. He nosed in when I was on the computer and immediately wanted to submit something. A few minutes later he came back with this.

Joyce king said...

One of my favorite thing to do, that doesnt cost much;
enjoying some wonderful tea with milk and cookies from my home country. I always make sure i have a stash here in the USA :) I invite my mother in law over to come and enjoy it with me and chat... Speaking of which here she comes now, our first tea time after my vacay in the Netherlands.

Joyce king

Enjoying the Scenery said...

Love winter because I get to spend more time with my hubby! We love to play checkers (doesn't cost a thing)! I also love to catch up with friends far away and thanks to verizon to verizon doesn't cost a thing!

Congrats on your 400th post! : )

Anonymous said...

One of our (Amos and I) favorite things to do in winter is, walk in town at night ,when it's SNOWING LIKE CRAZY! or even a lazy,magical snow is amazing-- downtown
Lancaster City is at her best when she's all dressed up in winter garb,with the street lights and individual post lights, softly glimmering to light the way, and accent the beauty of the white fallen snow. It's quiet and absolutely breathtaking! Doesn't cost a penny, unless we stop at one of the cafes or pizza shops. Very romantic! Hugs--Marianne

The Edwards said...

Janelle! Congrats on your big win! I was rooting for you!

Okay, I have a few favs. One is the smell of my baby girl's hair when I'm rocking her. Another is listening to the birds sing on a spring morning when I'm about to wake up. And yet another, sweet tea!

love you!!

Mandi said...

Wow, 400 posts already?! That's awesome.

Some of my favorite things... watching my baby sleep, laying in my cozy bed and hearing the rain outside, snuggling with my hubby!


Anonymous said...

I think one of the things I enjoy the most is sitting out by the ocean in Vlissingen and having my husband tell me all about the different ships and yachts that are sailing by. There is nothing like seeing my husbands face light up like a little boy.

Kae Jo said...

~Summertime campfires with fam/friends
~Capturing beautiful moment
~Holding a newborn baby
~Watching a movie with those that mean the most

Kae Jo said...

I advertised on my blog on Tuesday!!! <3

Sharon said...

I know you'll pick the one who needs your fabulous gift the most! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like recreating my house when I have the time, doing my own cutting and sewing...the best part of this is using mom's upholstery fabric .She's got a bazaar of it in her garage for sale, but for me... free!
Ruth Romanoff

Janelle you've got a lot of people thinking good thoughts. I so enjoyed this I almost forgot about the teaset!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love to shop thrift stores!!!
love following your blog,that's free too. :)

Rachel Stoltzfus

sara said...

My ultimate favorite thing is to pencil in a date night in my hubby's planner and just plan a lovely night at a cool coffee shop!
It makes his day and we both look forward for a pick me up from a family of six!

Anonymous said...

Wow Janelle... 400th post!! And you won yourself giveaway this week!
And these giveaways bring out the "best of us", don't they...:)
I truely like a good book and when you can go to the library and bring home a pile of books and not pay a cent, that's great! And we are quite the family of bookworms, so we're thankful for the library.
Going for a walk...
Camping with the family...
A hug and a kiss from any one of my kids...
A time of good conversation with my husband...
So many things that don't cost a thing. Thank you for that reminder!
Anne Fisher

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of those who are disenfranchised or otherwise shunned by society. It's amazing how much joy you can bring to someone's life when you present them with a photo of themselves. Something that so many of us take for granted is really a blessing to others. For merely a few cents per print!

Ada Martin said...

One of my very favorite things is hearing my 2 & 4 year old sons pray- priceless! Also when they wake up from their naps and want me to hold them- LOVE it! The best things in life ARE free ;o) Janelle- i LOVE your blog- so inspiring and encouraging!!!

Jessica Sue said...

Congrats on 400 posts!! Exciting!
So, there are so many to choose from...
I love Alpha at our Church on Wednesday nights. Free meal, free fellowship... getting to know people and explore their hearts in an environment where you feel totally comfortable to be yourself and not be judged. It's absolutely wonderful! Can't get enough of it!

Anonymous said...

ok Janelle--i actually have been thinking about this for the past month. The first snow storm in PA--reminded me that this is one completely FREE gift that God gives us. The first snow brings smiles to (almost) everybody's face. Like a completely free gift to bring us enjoyment. Cause God might as well just have left it rain instead.

And this... week (before i read your question) i was appreciating a 20 second soak in the rays of the SUN here in Cape Town thinking--how awesome God is that rich and poor alike can bask in this FREE gift that feels so luxurious and is accessible to everyone.

Cheree Shenk

Ervina said...

A summer afternoon at our family's cabin in the Tucquan Glen Woods. Spreading a blanket in the yard, surrounded by my journal and books, having one-on-one time with God, and wading in the creek when the sun gets too hot.

Adrienne said...

I enjoy friendships that have stood the test of time, ups and downs, and just life in general. That would be YOU of course!! You are a true friend and I love you so much!!

Anonymous said...

i love to decorate with thrift store or yard sale treasures!! the best! i have a thing for vases... filled with fresh flowers from my garden for a gift to a friend or filled with flowers left to dry for my decor...

Anonymous said...

duh i guess i shud leave a name 'In CaSe' i'd win!! lol, i left the above comment about vases and flowers, and i'm Anne Lapp!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sitting in the sunshine and people watching...not much is finer. -Heather Muffley

Anonymous said...

Well, this is my first comment on your blog. You don't know me. But a dear friend of mine, that is a friend of yours, that is a friends of yours.....etc. Told me about your blog. She said, "She seems like a person we would be friends with". Any who...I check your blog ever so often. I love the quotes, the laughs and the ideas. I guess this is my entry to win. And if I do maybe someday we will meet. I'm guessing someday we will meet in heaven. Awwww bliss, heaven that is. I love reading your blog it makes me laugh and cry. I'm guessing we live worlds apart...I live in Montana and I'm guessing you live on the east coast somewhere. God Bless you and your family and all of life brings!