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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Holler

Came upon this website and I am TOTALLY inspired. As with most flecks of inspiration that fall my may or may not stick!! The name of this ministry is called "Holler Ministries" which in itself is quite possibly one of the coolest ministry names I've ever heard of. "Holler" as in "down in the holler", (definition: a small valley between mountains). There is a part of me that would not mind calling the "holler" my home. You know, a sweet little shack of a home that's paid off, (with running water and indoor plumbing please) , with a clothes line and a trickling creek, everyone is barefoot, you drink water from the spring house and you eat veggies, (from your garden of course) and squirrel for lunch. Okay, maybe not the squirrel part, but the rest of it suits me just fine. Now, I DID say just a PART of me would like this, and may I remind you that I am composed of many, many parts!!

So, back to my great inspirational moment. Their garden. Their "Hollerganic Garden"!! Don't you LOVE that!! I love it! Holler-ganic....genius play on words I tell you! You can read all about their "garden shares" at their website. I really like their concept. If you know us, you know where we live and you know that we have a ginormous backyard that is crying out for it's soil to be tilled. Also the hammock between the walnut trees is crying out for a perhaps our garden shouldn't be located too closely to that area, I must take note of this. Here our my memories/experiences pertaining to gardening thus far on planet earth, in no particular order:

  1. Picking weeds for hours at a time in our humongo garden on Zook Road. It was BIG in my child's eye and I had no concept of time.
  2. Trying to impress the Mother-in-law, (and my husband) by planting a 4x6 garden in our backyard when we were first married. The rabbits destroyed it and it yielded enough spinach for, count it, ONE salad. It was pathetic.
  3. Experiencing garden-envy last Summer when visiting our dear friends Wendell & MaryJ0. Sweet little cedar fence surrounding it, watching her little girls by her side as she picked the harvest and then being sent home with arm fulls of produce.

So, it's March of 2010 and I am about to embark on our first ever "real" garden. My hubby is very, very excited about this, as is his Mother, (who will be helping to get it started & keep up with the work....she will eventually be living with us on this property so it's as much hers as it is ours). I am moving toward excitement....slowly. He said to me the other week, "as long as you have something cute to wear and friends there with you, you'll like it!" OH MY HUSBAND KNOWS ME SO WELL!!! My neighbor Jess may be working it with me, now I have to find "something cute" to wear!

How about this on the top:

and then this darling from Old Navy in the middle:
and finish it with these cutie pies....

Okay, I'm all set:

So, If you drop by and I'm not in house,
I'm probably out in the garden....

or lying suspended between two walnut trees.

One or the other.

"What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back,
with a hinge in it."
~Charles Dudley Warner, My Summer in a Garden, 1871~

"Weather means more when you have a garden.
There's nothing like listening to a shower
and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans."
~Marcelene Cox~


Dana said...

good for you with a garden. I think I'll pass on one for myself this year!! I'm still having panic attacks from the one we had last year!!!

AmyK said...

We love gardening. We've only done it on a small scale in the city (small yard equals small garden) but have found it a vital part of our lives since we're surrounded by so much brick and concrete.

Hats are essential!! :)

Michelle said...

If I had a cute outfit like that, I SO would garden. :)

Sheila said...

Something comes alive in me when I putter around in my little ol' garden patch. We made a small patch in our backyard last year and it was so much fun to watch the first shoots come up and then be able to share the produce with neighbors and friends. I just started some seedlings inside and I can hardly wait for them to push through!! So have fun!!

Jeane` said...

You made a word that i always associated with a toothless, flannel covered West Virginian ("Holler") sound so...charming. That would be just like you to do so.

PS. I just figured out that {very easy} linkwithin thingy. thank you too for that coffee button, but for some reason, it came out quite blurry when i tried it out! But the saying was certainly true of me. ;)