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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lunch with an old friend

My children and I had lunch with an old friend of mine last week. It was so good to be together again, it had been several years....yes, I said YEARS!! I couldn't believe that much time had gone by because we use to see each other on a weekly basis! Sometimes I don't like how life takes over in that way.

I hereby introduce her to you:

my dear friend~
Jennie's Diner, along Lincoln Highway East.

The same bells welcomed me that afternoon, just as they had hundreds of times before. Most everything was exactly the way I remembered it from my high school years, eerily exact. Almost like stepping back in time, except now I was married and had three children in tow and I'm not scoping out the next guy who walks in! Oh, and I could actually BREATHE, (it's finally non-smoking)! thank goodness! Admittedly, I did a "smell check" before unloading the children and taking them inside. And she is always, always decorated
The food was as good as it's always been. And I ordered "breakfast" for lunch because she is awesome and serves breakfast all day. One plate of scrambled eggs, toast, home fries, well-done bacon and OJ....split between all of us! It was great....and filling!! The kids loved the jukebox too, they each put a quarter in and we listened to "piano man" by billy joel.

No Joke! That lady was my waitress when I was 16 years old!!
As we sat there I thought about how this place is such a part of my past.... and how God's faithfulness sat with me in that booth all those years ago
and still sits with me today.

I am grateful.
"The Lord's faithfulness endures forever...."
Psalm 117:2


Bryan Allain said...

wow, Jennie's. been a while since i've been there, but I remember it being one of the first places erica wanted to take me when i moved here.

i also remember there portions being enough to feed 3 grown men coming off a fast.

Kara Stoltzfus said...

i can nearly smell french fries and grilled cheese sandwhiches.

oh, miss it.

Jeane` said...

I could smell, hear, taste and feel everything you described. While it's clear you find your husband to be the hottest man on earth, I am surprised you didn't scope out the truckers that lined the counter, just for fun. You might have found a really great crack that deserved a second look.
HAHA!!!! Thank you for this most nostalgic post...made this gloriously sunny afternoon even sunnier.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

what memories! i'm sure you & i spent quite a few times at those tables together! if those booths could speak.....=))
i'm so glad that it's NO SMOKING now! we actually still go quite a bit...just this morning scott & addalie & i went for bfast. it's one of addalie's favorite places cause they have lolipops!
fun fun!

Michelle said...

Wow, that takes me back to High School! I loved loved loved their fries... Must get some soon!

consume me... said...

wow...what would you say if I told you my secret - that I've NEVER even walked inside Jennies??! My son has been there but somehow I have not! Looks like we'll be taking a trip over the hill very made me do it. My kids thank you.

Size5Jeanes said...

wow you just took me back!
I can almost taste the strawberry pancakes.
I sure am glad God carried us through those day : )