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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on Tyler for today

Laughing hysterically after putting his lollipop in the lobby fountain.

Holding Paisley while on a walk.

Spaghetti w/ eggplant, (thanks Joanna!!)
Finally, dinner together as a style!
Pleasant Paisley
"Janelle's Hospital Survival Kit" so lovingly put together and delivered by my new friend. A magazine page torn out and taped to the wall.
Sleeping sounding and being restored.
Look what I'm wearing today.
Suite 3813
My "desk"
Color station

our motto:

I laid in bed this morning and kept thinking I should turn the radio on. I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore, you know with these new fangled ipods and such! I laid there a little longer, stretched my arm up to the blinds, turning the little pole to crack the blinds and let the light shine in. The thought came to me again. I waited. Again it came so finally I rolled over and turned the radio on. These are the FIRST words that pierced my ears and sank down into my heart....

"In every victory let it be said of me,
my Source of Hope,
my Source of Strength
is Christ alone."

Okay then, good morning to You too Lord!!

What a sweet, sweet moment in time that would have been missed in the hurried pace of "normal" life. Only a death OR the restoration of life can stop life like this, right in it's tracks. I know enough to be grateful for what I have.
I was able to do some things around the house this morning. Get the laundry started. Make the beds. Put Paisley down for a nap. It was nice to do "normal" things and my heart wasn't quite as heavy. We feel like we are making progress with this blood infection and yet the mystery of where this came from is still very real.

Tyler hasn't had a fever for almost 24 hours. This is a first since this all started last Wednesday afternoon. We are grateful to hear that. He also has significantly cut back on pain meds, (Motrin). We give it to him only when he starts complaining, where as previously it was given on a constant 5-6 hour basis to keep the pain at bay. He went 8 hours without it today.
I brought Luke in with me this morning and we all went for a walk around the hospital. The cherry blossoms are out and it is so beautiful. The guys were filling the fountain out front and it will be up and running by tomorrow. That will be neat to see. Tyler is in good spirits, eating well, cheerful, funny, and content. His limp is still very, very pronounced and it is concerning to me. Jake is reassuring me that I must give the antibiotics time to do their work, thus resulting in the inflammation going down and then normal walking can be restored.
As with a staph infection on the outside, it takes awhile to heal. So, I can only expect the same inwardly right? Nonetheless, it's still concerning to see him limping around.

Here are some nice things that have happened:

1.) I laughed last night for about 20 minutes with my niece
and forgot for a bit that I had a son in the hospital.
2.) having a child in the hospital is the best.weight.loss.plan.ever.
3.) all day long the lighting in our room is perfect for plucking my eyebrows.
4.) i am getting really fast at texting.
5.) someone has brought me coffee everyday for 3 days. (thank you Shar & Jena).

"He is a wise man
who does not grieve
for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those which he has."
-- Epictetus


Michelle said...

Love the brow plucking comment! It's so hard to find perfect lighting :) So glad the nurse got you my little bag!! Did you get Tyler's as well? I can feel your cheerful heart thru your writing, even though you have concerns for Tyler. We're still praying for all of you. God gives you just the right amount of encouragement/peace/strength exactly when you need it. Much love to you.

Shar said...

Love you lady...have been thinking of you all day long!

Mary June Miller said...

Thank-you for updating - I know it takes time and energy - but it makes me feel connected and let's me know how to pray!
You look GORGEOUS!! ( ; Love the 'springy' outfit!
It's so hard to see your little ones sick - I'm praying for peace for you! Love you - Mj

consume me... said...

ok, I know this is difficult and the unknowns are very disconcerting...but if I didn't know better, I would almost feel like you are enjoying a little R&R over there! Sounds like your pace has slowed to a heightened awareness of the beauty around you. I know you can't legitimately call that a vacation when your son is wearing an id bracelet - BUT...I hope you're enjoying the slower days and the settling in with your family. And the bonus weight loss plan!
Keep on, my friend!

Anonymous said...

girl. now i am thinking of you. although i am not with you physically, my heart is thinking of you and offering up prayers.

Sarah said...

So glad to hear about Tyler's improvement and continue to pray for a complete and total recovery quickly!!! I Just love looking at this 1st pic. you posted of his contagious and joyful smile...what a sweetie!!!

Thought I share a song with you....If you haven't already heard it before....

Your Love never fails ~Chris Quilala (you can find it on itunes)

~Much love and prayers....

Missy. said...

I know you don't know me, but we have a lot of common friends...your kids are so cute, and it looks like you are doing a great job holding it together in the midst of a time of unexpected upheaval to your "normal"...praying for your family and healing to your sweet boy. love, missy king.