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Friday, March 19, 2010

He's walking....a little at a time.

Hello All, here is a short clip of Tyler trying to walk today. Sorry you have to turn your head sideways to watch it! It's only 40 seconds so you'll be just fine! This is the most he's walked in one week and WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!! We expect, hope and pray each day to see more improvement! I will cry out loud the first time I see him run again, I promise you!!!

"I've got big steps, little feet,
big steps, little feet.

I may be small, but He lives in me,
big steps, little feet."
~one of my favorite songs from when I was Tyler's age,
now one of his favorites!!~


Jena said...

Just clicked over here to see if you had any news and now I have tears streaming down my face.

Oh, tyler, what a good job buddy!

continuing to pray and pray.
love you much.

Shar said...

what a complete love, so brave! Janelle, love you and yours so so much and thinking of you ALL THE TIME! (So sweet to see him with that little backpack...)

Anonymous said...

tears in my eyes!
i think we should sign him up for a half marathon this coming april. he will be up & running well by then.

(i however, will watch from the side lines and cheer him on as he runs! hee hee)

Anonymous said...

ps - i am always encouraged when i check your blog to find a new post. speaking from experience, when things get too overwhelmingly intense & unknown usually (no matter how hard you try) the "blog world" takes a break & updates are few. So, when I see a new post nearly everyday I can only assume that all is going relatively well and life is being restored and you are encouraged that you are able to keep up with the blog. It is a good sign and makes me SMILE!