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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Oh dear! I still haven't heard from the winner of my 1st giveaway!
So, here sits those lovely little presents on my countertop....
they're getting lonely and are ready to grace someones home.

I've given it one week and haven't heard from our first winner.
Is that long enough?? I am sorry about that because I feel badly for her!
BUT, alas, I must make room for other beautiful things in my kitchen!


Can you even stand it?

A 2nd chance for ya'll to win!!!??

the new number please?

comment #4

and the winner is......
Mary June Miller with her comment:
"Here I come again :-) !! I just facebook-ed about it!!
Wanna win this BAD! Mj"

oh, MJ~~so exciting for you!
Contact me and we'll get this
lovely package to you ASAP!!
And since we live so close,
maybe I'll even hand-deliver it!!

1 comment:

Mary June Miller said...

Oh My Lands.....!!!!! AAAAHHH - I'm screaming!! I'm on the way home from Pittsburg, checking my mail & get a lovely message from u saying I Won!! My hubby could not figure out how I went from exhausted to hyper in a blink!! ( ; This is the first online giveaway I won!! YIPPEE! Now I must have u for tea! Should I come pick it up?
Love you - mj