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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas card regrets??

So, I thought I'd get creative this year and try something different for our Christmas card. I'm having regrets though because I just don't think a majority of the receivers are "getting it." From the reactions I've seen, (being there while they open the card), there is for the most part, scrunched up eyebrows and a little noise the resembles a "hmmm" and then that's I have to say to them, "do you get it" and then they look at it a bit longer and either say, "what's to get?" or "OH, NOW I see it!!"
So, how about you....if you received our card, did you get it?
If I didn't mail you a card, here it is and you can let me know if it catches you!

Behind the scenes at the making of this card: If you look closely you will see little brown things lying around me, they are raisins, they were used to keep the boys in their place, but they were getting thrown about at the same time! And lastly, a special shout out to Wendell & MaryJo for helping us capture the shots! It wasn't an easy task I assure you!! This was the first try, to get JOY all in one frame...not working.
My most accommodating husband laying down his 6'4 body
to try and make the letter "J" with Luke!
My version of "O" while squishing my almost 5 month pregnant belly into my knees!
Tyler in all his glory being the letter "Y"....something he
continued to do randomly throughout the day for about a week.
He would just lie down wherever he was,
"look Mama, I'm a letter Y!!"
Option 2 if I didn't have the guts to go with Option 1!!

Thanks for amusing me as I ramble about our Christmas card
that most people will throw away in about 3.5 weeks!


Jeane` Miller said...

While I am anything but razor sharp these days, I DID get the creative intent behind the photo, almost immediately after opening it. Curt on the other hand...well, let's just say he was part of the "scrunched eyebrows" group!! :)
Thank you for thinking of me while baking with your bulk from Glenwood! I am so happy to be connected by thought to something so....glamorous and sophisticated!!! :)



Anonymous said...

Yea...I got took me a second...actually when I saw Tyler with his legs spread eagle that's when it hit me....JOY....i do think it was VERY creative!
Merry Christmas!!
Love Ya...Carm

Bess said...

I got it, I got it! Yippee!

I'm jealous, though...mostly for not doing something as creative as yours! ;o) Kudos to you, and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

stroke and all, i got it!!!!
if i could, nobody has an xxcuse!!

Christina said...

I am sad to admit that I did not get the card. I actually studied it thinking it was a different type of card for you to send. Now I see it and I think it's great and I feel silly for not noticing it before!

Love you!

Jena said...

as unfortunate as it is, I am with the not getting it group...

Dana said...

Janelle, you know me, I'm totally smart and got the card right away. I did show it to Arlan and he looked at it and said,"hmpt. .. that's Janelle and Jake right?" So I don't think he got it which means I'm smarter then him...for once... :) never regret a creative attempt. It will be a card that will go down in your Christmas history!!

Jess said...

So I just said to Aaron yesterday... as I was lying on the couch looking at all my Christmas cards and having your card hanging on the wall for a couple days now... "OH I get it!!" I was kinda thinking the pregnancy got to you while you were creating the card before I realized what it was all about! :) Aaron, on the other hand, said that he got it right away. So I guess we're 50/50 in this household! And the card will actually stay on my wall for more than a couple weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

You know I got it....
along with a good laugh!!=)
Much love, Shhhhrish

Anonymous said...

Janelle...didn't get one in the mail but as soon as I saw it here I knew what you were doing. Very creative...I expect nothing less from you. :) Katy

Anonymous said...

Kinda like the FED-EX arrow,you gotta look for it,but once you see it you'll never miss it!Love you're creativity!5TH chowwed!!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

i got it right away! i think it is hilarious that there have been so many different reactions. =) i think that i will keep it for all visitors & see if they "get it"!!

Bryan Allain said...

i didn't get it...but Erica got it as soon as she looked at it.

we finally got ours in the mail on tuesday :(

Fan said...

love it, love it, sister. Anybody can do the formal-facing-the-camera-and-smile kind of card. Glad you went for it!


Vickie said...

totally got it! Ashley got it immediately as well!

Merry Christmas my friend! I am home, in Minnesota, celebrating with family...what a treasure!

CountryMidwife said...

At first I thought it said "Soy" but then I got it!!!

Love and hugs to you and your boys! (and the peanut too!)

Lulu and Tutz said...

haha!!! I get it!!! And, I love the creativity...if nothing else, it made for some great family memories, AND...bonus, Tyler will never forget the letter "Y"!!!