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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A visit with my cousin

Last month my cousin Amy was visiting from Arizona, her Mom lives here in PA. It's always so special to be able to spend time with her and her two daughters. It isn't very often that we see each other. She has always had a dear place in my heart, as we have grown up together all our lives. There weren't many "young" cousins among the 69 of us! Yes, I am the youngest of 69 FIRST cousins on my Mom's side....seriously, I don't know many of them and it's somewhat embarrassing to me when someone says to me, "I'm your first cousin." Um, yeah. Amy is older then me and I use to, (still do) look up to her so much. She is a strong woman full of true compassion and kindness toward others. I wish she lived closer so our visits weren't so few and far between. I love you Amy!! Tyler and Ashlyn
Amy with her littlest love.
Tyler trying to share his trains with Ashlyn. That's my Aunt Annie,
we had our playdate at her home. My Aunt Jan and I. My sister was named after this Aunt.
Luke and Olivia, (both looking very weary)!
Olivia, the train girl with Tyler, the train guy. They got along just great!


Anonymous said...

Janelle,what a nice post!!!Mel and I were at her house for several hours last week when we were riding around Arizona on the Harleys.It was so good to see her again!!!-Tom B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle! i saw you Sat. night playing MARY at the Honeybrook Live Nativity!! It's the first we were there, and i was very blessed to be able to imagine what it was like.... amazing!!
we'll have to get together again sometime and hang out with our little guys :o)
have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What fond memories I too have of Aunt Jan...
it's nice you could spend time w/ them!