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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sibling Breakfast

Two of my siblings and I share November birthdays. For the past few years we've made it a tradition to meet for breakfast, all 8 of us! We usually meet at The Kling House, a great little restaurant in a local town. It's quiet, quaint and delicious. This year we got my brother Tom an original newspaper from the DAY he was born! It came in this great portfolio. It was so interesting to see what the news of his day was. We purchased it here. It's a really great gift idea for the history buff in your family or just for anyone really.
Uncle Mel with Baby "Benny" (Bennett) as he calls him!

I love my family. We are each so unique and yet we fit together and balance each other so well. We are patches in the same quilt....sewn next to each other. I'm thankful for this beautiful quilt to keep me warm and safe during this life on earth. I love you Mel, Fan, Chet, Leon, Tom, Jan and Von! (that's the birth order).
Pictured left~right: Fan,Von, Mel, Jan, Tom, Chet, me, Leon.

"Our brothers and sisters are there with us
from the dawn of our personal stories
to the inevitable dusk."

~Susan Scarf Merrell~


Anonymous said...

Glad to be a "patch"....
I wouldn't want to snuggle
in any other quilt! =)

oh joy! said...

Every person in your family is special to me for some specific reason. It's funny how our families have intertwined over the years. Lovely! And to have 7 siblings...blessing!

Bravo on the theater Saturday night. Bravo.