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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My 30th Birthday Getaway!

Jake surprised me and told me to pack an overnight bag on my birthday. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was delighted just be going away for the night, only him and I. He took me to Leola Village Inn and Suites, a local, beautifully restored Inn. We checked into the BRIDAL suite....oh my goodness, it was amazing!! The room is practically the size of our entire downstairs! I was so honored to be spending the night in such an exquisite room. We began our time with complimentary wine and cheese. We ate at Mazzi's, the lovely French Italian Restaurant that is connected to the Inn. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was just so caught up in the loveliness of it all. I would have been completely satisfied with all those wonderful gifts, but he said I was to change into something a bit more dressy and that we had one more place to go. He had me close my eyes and drove me around lots of country back roads until I was totally lost as to where I was. We stopped and he guided me out of the truck and into a room where all my family and friends were gathered for a surprise party! It was held at Chabod Academy, where I teach Drama and work with the theater department. It was really neat to be there for something unrelated to work. The tables were beautifully decorated and the food was displayed so creatively, (thanks to my sisters!!!!). I blew out all my candles, (which my brother almost burned himself trying to get lit....thanks Tom)! I had to take two breaths to get them all blown out....I guess I'll get use to that from now on. The cake was the most delicious chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting I had ever tasted! There was a stunning floral arrangement in the cutest little green vintage vase. Jake had gone to Lulu and Tutz and bought this vase off my "wish list" and had it filled with flowers! What a SWEET and thoughtful gesture! He is so kind to me. I enjoyed the company of my friends and family and opened my darling gifts. (Pictured above: my oldest sister Fan with our newest addition, Bennett and my lovely niece Megan). I will seriously be doing another post to show you all the CREATIVE, LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, THOUGHTFUL gifts I received! I can't stop looking at all my new things! As we speak I am wearing the GORGEOUS pair of shoes from my friend Jena!! (notice my baby bump starting to peek out....I'm almost 20 weeks preggo already!!) And thank you to Jeane for my stunning bracelet you see as well! I'm telling you, I've received a virtual boutique of goodness!!!Another "gift" was a birthday shout out from Bryan over at this site. He's a fun, smart, humble, hilarious, truthful guy who writes well. He married a friend of mine and we use to go to church together. Anyway, it was nice of him to take some time to say happy day to me! Thanks Bryan. The beginning of my 30th year was so special! I couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate! Thank you my sweet Jake for taking the extra time and energy to plan this surprise for me. I know you are busy with many, many details at work and yet you took the time to carefully and lovingly celebrate me! ~I love you for life~
"Life is short. Be swift to love! Make haste to be kind!"
Henri F. Amiel

*"happy birthday" by the innocence mission


Bess said...

FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!! What an awesome time! And happy 30th IS the new 20! ;o)

Mary June Miller said...

Wow - that makes turning 30 not seem bad at all! ( : Glad you were surprised and got to get away for a bit! We got to spend our wedding night at Leola Inn and Suites - love that place!
Happy Birthday again! Mary June

Jess said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful birthday! I'm sorry my gift wasn't very creative... I intended it to be and then lost track of time so I thought the next best thing when you're pregnant is to not have to cook!!! At least for me it is. If you would like us to watch the boys so you and Jake can enjoy your time at Olive Gardens let us know! We'd be more than happy to!

Lulu and Tutz said...

LOVED seeing the pitcher w/flowers Jake made it so easy for him-he LOVED it! He did well w/the arrangement, too!