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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My "gift" boutique

Hello Friends! I'm still here, but haven't posted all week....AND missed my "theater thursday." Oh well, it will be here again next week!

The boys have been sick and I've been on clean-up duty! Every cough, (which inevitably lead to throwing up) would send me leaping out of bed and racing to their room in record breaking time! I amazed myself a few times at how fast I could get from my dead-sleep position to the side of the crib! So, my week consisted of: running to the rescue with bowl in hand, putting new sheets on the bed/crib, bathe child, lather with lotion and powder, spray room to eliminate the nasty odors which could have possibly caused ME to get sick, run a load of laundry.....and repeat!

It's been one week and we are all better now! I am more grateful then ever for food that stays where it should! Jake and I didn't get sick and for that too I am so thankful.

Let's end this short post with a picture of some of my lovely gifts I received for my birthday: thank you for all your well-wishes!
My bed is calling! I have been on a "nesting" rampage the last 48 hours! I have "spring cleaned" and rearranged every room in my house! No kidding! I'll post more on that later....for now, I must sleep!!
A happy Saturday to all....


Jena said...

Oh, I am so glad you're back!
sending you loves and Febreeze wishes!

Kaelin <3 said...

I'm soooo glad the boys are all better! I've missed you this week! See you tomorrow!
#1 babysitter

Kaelin said...

that "&it;3" was actually supposed to be a heart, btw...:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cath Kidston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!