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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a visit that is more then a visit is a time of inspiration and delight, a time for me to not feel alone in my mothering, (or odd for that matter). We parent in similar ways and it is hilarious for me to watch "myself" through my dear friend Jeane. On this particular morning, as I was preparing to head out, I realized I forgot I was having my sisters 2 year son for the day. I wasn't about to cancel my plans, plus Chase is a joy to have I packed up my three little guys and off we went to Reading, (Donut Man, fishes, nuks and puppy's in tow....just in case).

Christopher and Mommy.

Annie dear. Sweet Mackenzie.

We had a wonderful morning thanks to the amazing hospitality, which she no doubt has learned from her Mother! The children ate their lunch while watching "Thomas", something Tyler STILL talks about to this day, (as in he mentioned it again this morning). Jeane served me this wonderful meal and I did my best to not scarf it down. She sent me home with some fabulous birthday gifts: a lovely bracelet, a maternity sweater in the sweetest shade of green and my favorite, the best, hold-me-in-make-me-feel-somewhat-normal maternity undershirt....that I have since been wearing most of the week, (only to remove for laundering!!). Thank you Jeane for such a wonderful time. I always look forward to our times together.
You are dear to me and my forever friend!!

“One of the delights of life is eating with friends,
second to that is talking about eating.
And, for an unsurpassed double whammy,
there is talking about eating while you are eating with friends.”
~Laurie Colwin~


Judy said...

"You"...have a way about you that makes everyone that you come in contact with, feel so extra special. What a gift that is! Whenever, I read your blog, you are honoring someone, and without a doubt, that person has been blessed by it. Never stop using the gifts God has given you, including your huge dose of creativity.

Jeane` Miller said...

Wow!! Thank you sooo much, Janelle! I really needed this encouragement today! (As if we should be suprised at our Father's timely 'nudges'!!). You are not only encouraging to the heart, your photography skills actually make my thrown-together-while-tending-to-the-children-lunch actually look somewhat decent!!! THANK YOU!!! XOXOX