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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel BEFORE AND AFTER

HELLO BLOG FRIENDS!!  I am so sorry for my absence.  I think of you often and hope you know that I love sharing life with you when I'm able!  There's lots of changes here on the HOME FRONT, (quite literally so).  But first I wanted to share with you our new, (as in one year ago) Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel!  Here are all the before and after pictures.  WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!  We love our new space and as usual, Jake has outdone himself with his ideas, visions and implementation of amazing money-saving-skillzz!!  We enjoyed our vintage kitchen, (well, I did anyway) but felt like we wanted to move in a more modern direction, while still keeping to the style of our home.  Jake was happy to oblige because he never really cared for our "taste the rainbow" kitchen!!  Bless.  The crown molding still needs to be installed, but other than that, she's up and running!!