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Monday, November 26, 2012

a little this and a little that

Sweet Capri is 5 months old. 
We call her our "bump on a log" because, truly, she is. 
she just goes along with the flow and is contstanly entertained!
She eats well and sleeps well. 
She takes 3 naps a day and wakes up 
from her last nap a bit before 7pm!
So, we get some quality time with just her which is extra special.
She's our night owl, just like me. 
She is FULL of smiles and giggles 
and we are so IN LOVE with her. 

Paisley is 3 and FREE!!
She is a riot, dancing all over this place
and putting on shows and tap dances and exercises and songs, 
pinecones as microphones. 
On this particular night the children dressed themselves in their underwear and danced around the house!  What in the world? 
Jake and I were enjoying the post-dinner silence when suddenly the parade appeared from down the steps!
It was hilarious!  

Luke is full of imagination. 
he's always inventing or building or concocting something or another.  He uses his mind to play, just like his Daddy. 
Here he is getting all decked out to help me cook, (chef Luke, spelled phonetically).  And he actually is a help, he follows directions well and likes to see the rewards of his work/help.  One of his favorite smells is crushed garlic, (as well as permanent markers, gas and an extinguished match....he's our smeller)!  You can find him with his nose just inches from the garlic, inhaling deeply when he's in the kitchen.  The other night during dinner he said, "oh Mom, these carrots smell like stink bugs" and he was TOTALLY RIGHT!  Smell a handfull of raw carrots sometime and you'll see what he means!  Speaking of stink bugs, he can smell those suckers from a room away!!  

Here he is working with Jake this past Saturday. 
I innocently mentioned that I'd like to repaint the kitchen and now we are in FULL-ON remodeling mode!!  I don't know what got into my husband, but he is running with this idea.  We've had fun dreaming together, (my tastes are becoming more and more like his as the years go by).  A few weeks ago I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the COLOR around me.  I think it's because all the humans around me are now my color, so I need a more simple "background palette".  

I AM SO EXCITED for the kitchen remodel and SO AMAZED at this man, who would take his "extra energy" and spend it here, (although I will honestly say that he is rejuvenated by projects, so this is a joy to him).  This is why I don't ask him to do much around here, 'cause he'll DO IT, (and I just want to BE with him, not watch him work)!! :)  I am deeply grateful for his kindness toward me. 

~~Recessed Lighting!~~

Here's one inspiration picture for the kitchen and of course, 

ingenious apron find!  

 Happy Halls,
Tyler and Luke's school.
Tyler fell at recess last week and so we've officially been introduced to the world of stitches.  He was a trooper and only cried when he had to get 3 numbing shots into the wound! ugh!!  Afterward I took him out to the Thomas Store and let him pick a new train and then we went for milkshakes, (the wound is on his chin, so he couldn't eat). Bless him, he was so brave! 
Sweet Grammy made his favorite vegetable soup, she loves him so well!  

Speaking of Grammy, here is the Thanksgiving table spread in her cozy home!  We are always astonished at the amount of food that comes from that little kitchen, and filled with so much love.  Capri and I weren't feeling so good, (head cold and such) so we didn't spend too much time over there, however, the games went into the night!  

 Well, better get going
there's snow in the forecast, (not much, but I'll take anything)....
I'd like to decorate a bit to welcome the snow!  

Peace to you friends!  

"When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves -
Welcome wool sweaters."
~B. Cybrill

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You're invited: Tea with Auntie Anne

This year this lovely event will be held at White Chimneys
a gorgeous estate near Gap. 

Last year the menu was delicious, the decor beautiful and Anne even shared some of her "favorite things" with the ladies gathered!  Needless to say, there were some pretty amazing surprises!  If you can make it, come on out for a beautiful, relaxing time.....and bring a friend or two!  
Register soon, as seating is limited!  

CALL: 717.442.0562 or 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello Local friends, 
at Dutch Wonderland.

Bring a NEW toy and get a FREE ticket to 

If you have multiple children, they must EACH be with you and present their gift to get their FREE ticket.  
To make sure you're actually saving money, keep your new gift under $12.99, (the cost of a WinterWonderland ticket). 

Here are the hours for 
Dutch Winter Wonderland
November 17, 18, 23-25    
December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 26-30

Saturdays: 3:00pm to 9:00pm,
Sundays: 3:00pm to 8:00pm 
Select weekdays: 5:00pm to 9:00 pm

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Monday, November 12, 2012

aimee weaver designs

I am SO THRILLED for my sweet friend Aimee!
Her business is really taking off, so much so, that the local news channel aired a special segment about her business....
I wanted to share it with you, it was done so beautifully. 
You can click here to watch it. 

Aimee! I rejoice with you, 
and plan to keep making sure
 that you're taking care of YOURSELF 
in the midst of your busy life!  :)

She made this sign for us, 
and it my favorite in our home!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!” 
~Audrey Hepburn~

Friday, November 9, 2012

valley of death

A young woman in our community died very suddenly a few weeks ago.
She has 3 children.

We do not know her or her husband personally, however we have several friends and family that do....and they are so full of grief right now.  My mind and heart goes toward them often because the valley of death is so dark, the darkness of "why?" surrounds them and threatens to consume.  I feel so badly for her husband, his sudden shifting of life as he knew it, life as he loved it.  I feel sad for everyone that has to walk in this and try to crawl out the other side.   
We aren't meant for death.  

I hear nothing but beautiful things about this woman, and not just because she is gone....but because she lived life well.  The adoration she had for her family and friends and the commitment to loving deeply all those that knew her and loved her.  

It's an odd sensation, standing on the "outside", of this heartache.  Seeing those around me wrestle with the loss and sitting here feeling helpless for them, all I can offer are my tears, tears for their hearts because death is just hard and maddening.  

And so today, like many of her friends have mentioned, I hold my kids a little closer, love my man a little sweeter because someday, this will be all of us.  Death will come and we will leave only those things we have done for others.   

I came across this today and can honestly say, I've never seen an illustration like this, so small, yet so FULL of power!!  

If you would like to help in a practical way The Leatherman Family Fund has been initiated by Calvary Monument Bible Church and her husband Marks employer, Earl R Martin, Inc to enable Mark to spend more time with his children, which is his primary concern. 

Please direct your tax deductible LOVE GIFTS to:

 Calvary Monument Bible Church

1660 Mine Road



"Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
when the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain, 
will your anchor drift or firm remain?

It will surely hold in the floods of death, 
when the waters cold chill our latest breath;
on the rising tide it can never fail;

while our hopes abide within the veil."

~from Priscilla Jane Owens hymn, 
"Will your anchor hold"~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

post-electoral day links

Not gonna lie, I woke up mad. 
and then I got a grip. 

Here are a few links that helped me do just so, 
and a few of my favorite status updates that have 
been bombarding my facebook feed!

This link in particular is well-written and cut to the heart, 
where true change takes place, (thank you Jeane').
"No president can take the Kingdom out of our hearts. No candidate can steal what Jesus has already won. As the Kingdom came, so will it continue – not through Empire but through radical, subversive faith. It cannot be shaken, it cannot be removed. It lives and breathes through the work of Jesus on the cross, not the position of any human on the throne." 

My friend Sarah wrote this:

"I dreamed all night long about 

politics and elections. 

No wonder I awoke with a headache.

May God give peace to those disappointed by the results, and sober joy to those delighted; 

nothing is easy 

no matter who sits in the White House."

And Janet, a talented local author posted:

"Vote for a good day for yourself today. 

Make choices to live well. 

Don't worry about what you can't control.

 Change what you can. 

Eat good food. Exercise. Reduce stress.

 Drink water. 

Deal with conflict. Don't procrastinate. 

Call a friend. Try again."

And my nephew Lance, who lives in Texas, tweeted this:

"Hey, can someone in PA make 
sure my dad hasn't driven 
his car off a cliff this morning? 
#sorrydad #election2012"

And here was my facebook update this morning, (like you care)! :)

this makes me happy, while it makes so many others sad/scared/mad/cold. kinda like the elections. today i will vote for peace in my heart, allegiance to my King first and foremost and gratitude for generations who have gone before us, proving to us that life doesn't end just because it's hard. joy is not in things, (or people), it is in us!

"glad it's over"

~adrienne neff~ 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This girl is a serious JOY!
she's got some spice in there too, don't you doubt!

She "wuvs" her Daddy to bits.
A few times a week she ends up snuggled in between us, 
crawling up over our sleeping bodies and wiggling down under the covers.  I will often hear her say, "I wuv you Daddy" and then she falls asleep.  Warms my heart every time. She is a lover. 

And her precious "Anna Apree"

she adores her, tends to her, talks to her, bothers her, surrounds her with animals, pokes her, kisses her, holds her, brushes her hair, becomes "the baby Doctor" and rushes to her side at the first cry!
in the photo below she had "decorated" her crib. 

"sugar and spice and everything nice, 
that's what little girls are made of."
~Robert Southey~

Friday, November 2, 2012

snuggly days

It's getting colder. 
And although the initial switch from flip-flops to boots is somewhat annoying, (especially when you're keeping all those little piggies warm), I'm use to it now and enjoying it.  

Snuggling is so delicious.
Sweet Capri is 4 months old. 
She smiles so big at her brothers and sister and Daddy.
The only thing unruly about her is her hair!
The only time it's lying flat is right after I've wet it down, 
once it dries....right back up it goes!
She is sleeping and eating well, and loves to be held.
She entertains herself quite well under her play area, I think she enjoys the peace of her crib, (when no one is in her face)!  
I LOVE watching her as she takes in the world around her.  
How blessed she is to be safe and loved and warm.  

Like many on the east coast, 
we were prepared for Hurricane Sandy.
THANKFULLY we didn't have to tap into any of those preparations.  I was actually looking forward to being without power for a bit, (am I weird?).  We sat around listening to rain and wind and sounded awful outside, 
but we never lost power!

The children's "nest" 
during the storm. I love having them near, 
it helps me sleep just knowing they are there.  

Our "forever friend" Lindy
is visiting here from India.
Over 15 years ago Jake introduced me to a friend of his.
We clicked immediately and have been by each other's side ever since.  We use to be roommates back in the day.  It has been a joy to spend time with her.  She is in the process of adopting two children from India and we dream of the day we are all together again!  Her life is not easy and yet she is strong and brave and faithful. 

Jake treated us to dinner
after a hard-working Saturday. The boys "helped" him unload and stack some firewood and I prepared for the storm and did the usual cleaning that never ends! 
Luke said, "isn't this town so cute?"
The restaurant was so charming and the food was wonderful.

My treats. xoxo

Paisley was a ladybug crawling all over her Sunflower, (Capri)!  Fitting indeed!  Tyler was a race car driver and Luke was "Officer Stoltzfus" trying to pull him over!  We were just Dad and Mom trying to keep track of everyone and eat all their "good" candy! 

"Life is what happens to you 
while you're busy making other plans!"
~John Lennon~