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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This girl is a serious JOY!
she's got some spice in there too, don't you doubt!

She "wuvs" her Daddy to bits.
A few times a week she ends up snuggled in between us, 
crawling up over our sleeping bodies and wiggling down under the covers.  I will often hear her say, "I wuv you Daddy" and then she falls asleep.  Warms my heart every time. She is a lover. 

And her precious "Anna Apree"

she adores her, tends to her, talks to her, bothers her, surrounds her with animals, pokes her, kisses her, holds her, brushes her hair, becomes "the baby Doctor" and rushes to her side at the first cry!
in the photo below she had "decorated" her crib. 

"sugar and spice and everything nice, 
that's what little girls are made of."
~Robert Southey~

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