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Friday, November 2, 2012

snuggly days

It's getting colder. 
And although the initial switch from flip-flops to boots is somewhat annoying, (especially when you're keeping all those little piggies warm), I'm use to it now and enjoying it.  

Snuggling is so delicious.
Sweet Capri is 4 months old. 
She smiles so big at her brothers and sister and Daddy.
The only thing unruly about her is her hair!
The only time it's lying flat is right after I've wet it down, 
once it dries....right back up it goes!
She is sleeping and eating well, and loves to be held.
She entertains herself quite well under her play area, I think she enjoys the peace of her crib, (when no one is in her face)!  
I LOVE watching her as she takes in the world around her.  
How blessed she is to be safe and loved and warm.  

Like many on the east coast, 
we were prepared for Hurricane Sandy.
THANKFULLY we didn't have to tap into any of those preparations.  I was actually looking forward to being without power for a bit, (am I weird?).  We sat around listening to rain and wind and sounded awful outside, 
but we never lost power!

The children's "nest" 
during the storm. I love having them near, 
it helps me sleep just knowing they are there.  

Our "forever friend" Lindy
is visiting here from India.
Over 15 years ago Jake introduced me to a friend of his.
We clicked immediately and have been by each other's side ever since.  We use to be roommates back in the day.  It has been a joy to spend time with her.  She is in the process of adopting two children from India and we dream of the day we are all together again!  Her life is not easy and yet she is strong and brave and faithful. 

Jake treated us to dinner
after a hard-working Saturday. The boys "helped" him unload and stack some firewood and I prepared for the storm and did the usual cleaning that never ends! 
Luke said, "isn't this town so cute?"
The restaurant was so charming and the food was wonderful.

My treats. xoxo

Paisley was a ladybug crawling all over her Sunflower, (Capri)!  Fitting indeed!  Tyler was a race car driver and Luke was "Officer Stoltzfus" trying to pull him over!  We were just Dad and Mom trying to keep track of everyone and eat all their "good" candy! 

"Life is what happens to you 
while you're busy making other plans!"
~John Lennon~ 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle,
I found your blog awhile ago, you have a gorgeous little family! I had to comment when I saw the picture of you and Lindy, good memories of you two...esp. King of Prussia, where are Ada and Mel :) oh, the good old days when we didn't have cell phones.
Be blessed! Melody