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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gazebo Nights

As I mentioned a few days ago we've been entertaining a lot this Summer.

And by a lot I mean three or four times a month! To most, that doesn't sound like much,
but we have so much on our plates right now, so we're hosting dinners on top of *life*
and loving it!!

(enjoying my time ALONE with my man....alone, as in no children).

Our gazebo, from my brothers business has been the perfect place for making memories. My sister gave me some old grapevine she didn't want anymore so I strung that around the inside and added some Christmas lights. The lighting is just right.

So warm and cozy. Thanks Von.
This Summer we were a part of a dinner club of sorts. None of us meant for it to happen, we just got together one or two times and had such a blast that we decided to MAKE it happen once a month. Between all of us there are 18 kids, so it's no easy feat getting sitters & making it happen. We get all dolled up, (something we rarely get to do) and make it a fancy night for all!!
Each of our husbands own their own businesses so it's a refuge for the guys too, to talk/share/vent/encourage/dream. For most of us this is seriously our only social outing for the month, so it is relished, goes late into the night and
much laughter ensues!!!

My cousin Orpha and her husband Dave.
They don't have a blog, (you'll understand why I say this as you continue to read)
but hopefully will someday have a book published
with ALL their outlandish, hysterical, scary, true to life stories!!!!!

I had fun decorating with a vintage theme for this party. My cousin Shar and her husband Ben.
If you're interested, you can follow their journey in life, love,
photography and adopting a little girl from Ethiopia over here at their blog.

My cousin Shawn, (Shar's brother) and his wife Maile.
They moved to Lancaster not too long ago so it's extra special having them near again.
Shawn has a great blog over here. He is in the middle of pursuing a full time writing career and is doing a wonderful job at it!! Maile too has a blog all about cooking fresh, organic, made from scratch food.....on a budget fit for 4 kids and a husband pursuing a full time writing career!!!! :)

they are a RIOT!!! Patrick and MaryJune.
No kidding, she has a blog too!
I seriously JUST realized that so many of us had blogs.....
never thought of it before! Her blog is a beautiful story of her life, her loves, her joys!
MaryJune and I go way back. Her Mom use to babysit me when my Mom would have to clean houses. We have many fun memories together as little girls.

The food is amazing.

We each bring a unique dish and combine them together.

It's cost efficient too.

Normally, (as most of the married with children folks know),
a NICE night out on the town can cost quite a pretty dollar.
Sitter for several hours~$30. Quality dinner for 2 with wine and dessert~$80-$100.
Not saying that all date nights have to look like this....many of the sweetest dates we've had barely cost a thing for food. However, when we actually make the time to have a fancy date night we do like to eat well.
Jake and I were so grateful this Summer for this time together .

Advacodo, feta and coucous salad.
Pears with roasted sugar walnuts and gorgonzola.
Spinach and artichoke dip with crackers.
Baked salmon with zesty marinade.
Steamed basmati rice.
I need to stop now, I'm making myself hungry.

The aftermath of a delicious night.


Shar said...

I LOVE EVERY MINUTE THAT WE ARE TOGETHER! This little get together has really been so what I/we have needed for a long time and I am so thankful for God's timing in bringing us all together! Our history is so rich and deep, and I'm so glad that our future will continue down that path! Love you girly!

Mary June Miller said...

Ahhh - you did our group well & made me feel all sentimental inside!
God has truly blessed us with great friends!
( : Love you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, about some of my very favorite people! Looking forward to seeing you all again!



Anonymous said...

at this point, are you rubbing it in?
seriously though?
jena & i await our turns!

The lady of the house... said...

kara~you're a hoot!!!! :)
yes, a gazebo night for K, J & J is in order!!!!

Jena said...

Wow! what a blessing for you guys to be able to do this! looks beautiful.

I met the lovely Mary June yesterday at Little Bo, and she was JUST as lovely and beautiful in person as she is on your blog!