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Monday, September 27, 2010

Throwing fits.

I can throw fits
with the best of them.

You know, clean like a crazy woman, huff and sigh and pout and go inward.
Make a big pot of emotional stew,
sit back and watch it simmer.
(I'm sure you know nothing of what I speak about)!
I care about myself more then my husband.
I want what I want, when I want it.
I don't listen well.
I'm distracted easily,
by life, kids, laundry, stupid stuff.

This isn't about trying to be "real" for this post/my blog....
it's the truth of my life right now.

It's really quite pathetic, but true.
I've been thinking about it lately.
More so since I started praying/meditating on the
prayer I posted last week.

Another prayer was going to be posted today,
but quite frankly,
last weeks prayer is too good to
pass by in 7 short days.

There's more in it for me

and probably for you too if you care to read it.
As my friend Jeane' mentioned it's a good one to PRINT OUT
and hang over the kitchen sink,
(or the place where you spend the most time)!

"One of the greatest
gifts you can give your husband
is your own wholeness."

a beautiful song that encouraged my soul tonight.
(you can mute the music at the bottom of the page).


Mary June Miller said...

AMen!!! I loved chatting with you about this! I've been thinking about it ever since!

Patrick asked me "What were you and Janelle talking about?" So I told him. ( :

You inspire me to greater things. Love you - Mj

Sarah Gingrich said...

Thank you for your openness and honesty. Oh Lord help us to be women worthy of our high calling as wives, mothers, your daughters!

Jena said...

amen... on the hard days, when I want to give up on the hard work... when I feel alone, and I compare myself to others and come up wanting.... (you know... they are beautiful, gracious, orderly etc) OR when I feel like no one else is required to do the hard work that God requires of me, it is so SO good to be reminded by my friends that we are all on a journey toward wholeness- we are all indeed "being healed ones"
I recently read a quote by Andy Comisky that said something like this, "Much of the church has been guilty of claiming the victory of the cross over brokenness without really being willing to submit that brokenness to the cross."
Here's to submission!!!
love you.

Mrs.Fisher said...

I was going to bed...and then i thought what the heck just listen to the song first. It soooo ministered to my spirit right now that i am in tears. Thank-you for sharing it!
And YES, lets get together again sometime, maybe we can include our husbands. Not that they are desparete like us women for friendship but just because i think they would enjoy each other in a musically type way...hahaha

I will be in touch. Love to you