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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doors and Windows

(the front)
(the back)
Slowly, but surely the carriage house renovations are coming together. The doors and windows are in! The past 2 weeks we've had SOME AMAZING HELPERS, come our way and we couldn't be more GRATEFUL!!!! (especially Jake)!!!! It seems to me that the *closer* we get to the finished product, the *more* that needs to be done. I think it's because now the details are upclose and personal, whereas before it was just ONE BIG it feels like 7,329 projects!!!
Bless my husbands heart. He works like crazy all week long and then again all day Saturdays. He's taking a lovely, long Sunday nap right now. I couldn't be happier for him!! I love when he sleeps!!!! However, I've had to go to the attitude chiropractor for more then one adjustment along this journey. I miss my husband. I miss *lazy* Saturdays together. Not that we really have them around here though, my. husband. loves. to. work. He is practically an Amish man, (he was Amish until he was 16). I don't know what drives him; the vision, the goal, the sense of great accomplishment. There's something *greater* behind this project,
a home, a haven, a place of refuge for his Mom.
And Winter is coming. I feel like some prairie woman when I say that....but we think about it alot. Especially since the nights are starting to get cooler and the leaves are starting to change. There's no turning back now....she's on her way!!!
(Annie's living room~so many windows and such beautiful light.
And radiant floor heat, her feet will never be cold again when she's in this house)!!

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."
~Diana Scharf Hunt~


Esther@fleurcottage said...

looks terrific...bless yoy for this sacrifice! :)

Shelly said...

I can't remember if I commented here before or not . . . but wanted you to know I'm 'lurking'. =) I'd like meeting you some day~I live only a few miles away 'in the next town over' . . . but for now I only know your name through mutual friends and your blog.

I enjoy your writing style and reading about your life as a mom. You're a step ahead of me as far as the age of your children go, so I feel I can learn a bit about days yet to come. =)

Random question, but you aren't planning to attend Relevant '10 in Hershey next month, are you? I'm planning to go, but would like to pair up with a roommate to share the cost of the room, etc.

Vickie said...

So beautiful! I am thrilled for you and Girl, I am just a few steps ahead of you on this one...the last little details...I pray that I do not rush through just to say I am done. Lord give me grace and strngth to finish well. Annie has an AMAZING son and you, a terrific husband. Next summer, on a lazy Saturday, you will sip meadow tea, hold hands while sitting in your chairs-admiring the carriage house, children running and playing around you and then you will sigh, "Babe, this is beautiful."

Life is good...God is Great!


melissa hoffman said...

That is going to be AMAZING!!! Aren't handy husbands awesome? :o)
(although Mike is always kind enough to give me credit and tell people I had the vision, but it's not always true!)