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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paisleys Fall

On Sunday Paisley fell down the steps at my parents house.....the whole way down and landed face first on the tile floor at the bottom. It was very scary. I heard her falling and ran to the steps and saw her crash to the floor. She cried and cried, (a good sign she hadn't been knocked unconscious). I took her out to the kitchen to check her out, I held her out in front of me and only saw a small scratch on her nose and chin. I held her close, she was so scared and in pain. Several seconds later I decided to lay her down to really look over her and make sure all was well. That's when I saw her head:
A HUGE hardball size lump had grown out of her head, within one minute!! I cried out for my sister and she came into the kitchen. I was crying at this time because I was so scared at what I saw. It wasn't there literally 10 seconds ago. My family gathered around and we called our Dr. He of course was so calm and reassuring. He said he just had this happen last week to another patient of his. He said to check her for the next 24 hours to see any abnormal signs: vomiting, not being able to walk, not being able to sleep or falling asleep all the time, lack of appetite. The resiliency of children is amazing. It was a little scary at first because she looked like she wanted to fall asleep in Jake's we kept her up for 2 hours. During this time she was her jolly self; playing, laughing, eating, "talking", walking.....normal, except for her hideous looking head. We put her to bed at her normal bedtime. Needless to say that was a restless night for me. Every sound or movement had me over to her cribside. I gave her medicine through the night so she wouldn't feel any pain or have a headache.
With each day the bump has gone down significantly, it's very small right now, but just LOOK at her DEAR LITTLE FACE!!!! So much bruising! It's getting blacker and bluer by the day......even by the hour it seems!!!!!
She just looks miserable.....but of course is totally herself in personality and actions.
Our Dr. is not concerned and said it will look far worse throughout the healing process.
I should say.
I hope this heals quickly 'cause this little girl has her first gig as a flower girl in my brothers wedding on October 9th!!!! I'm thankful we have a few weeks for the healing to take place!
Oh, dear baby girl!!!!!!
Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?
Please set my heart at ease and say yes!!!

"If you haven't time to respond to a tug at your pants leg,
your schedule is too crowded."
~Robert Brault~


Jena said...

aha! I have been trying to leave a comment since I first saw this post, but the comment thingy was hidden... anywho, Khai had a really bad fall this past weekend(while I was away!!!) and has a giant goosegg too(but his is on the back of his head) and I tripped and FELL down my stairs while holding Bailey when she was 2 months old... so it happens :)
love you!

TSM said...

OMG look at that welt!!!

Anonymous said...

Janelle - heart goes out to you. I HATE that kind of stuff. A friend of mine had her baby boy in a walker and he fell the whole way down a curved flight of stairs...over and over and landed on his head. He is a healthy 24 year old now :-) One time my husband and I were babysitting for a friend's daughter and my husband was chasing the little girl around the house....she tripped and fell, full speed, into the corner of a doorway. Her forehead looked a bit like your little girls only the blood rushed to the surface (but stayed under the skin) under a HUGH BUMP and formed a long, red streak. IT WAS AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL! I thought she should go to the hospital but we took her home and her mother didn't take her. She's a healthy 34 year old now. Our daughter also ran and swung off of a banister (Aisha's sister, Jenna) and swung out over a parking lot, and came down on the BACK of her head. She had a fractured skull and we did have to spend a night in the hospital. She is now a healthy, normal 26 year old.
The front of the head is apparently a safer place to fall.'s all disconcerting, eh? It's wonderful to see a mother love her kids SOOOO much! I LOVE IT. Blessings, DEB WOLFE

Ang Stoltzfus said...

it happened to addalie 3 TIMES!! twice at our house down the steep wooden steps & landing against the brick wall at the bottom...& then once in CO at my sisters house...all 3 times were so scary. took her to the dr's...& ER the one time. & we were always told the same look for "those" symptoms. addalie had the flu one of the i couldn't tell if the vommitting was from the fall or the flu...but anyways...she was fine. hoping that paisley is recovering. she is so ADORABLEY cute!!!!!