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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So a man came to the door this morning with a stunning bouquet of flowers FOR ME!!! It was such a special surprise and I thought they were surely from my husband, but alas they were from my sweet, thoughtful, kind brother, Tom!! Come on, how sweet is he?? The card reads, "have a great day, Love, Tom." And having a great day is what I'm doing....Lots of lazing around storing up energy for "showtime." THANK YOU TOM B. You made the day of this very pregnant lady!! I love you!!!

P.s. notice my new red vintage table in the weekend garage sale steal! It's so cute!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here's a little glimpse into Baby's nursery. I just completed all the "finishing touches."
I found these great lanterns at Target a few years ago and had them in storage. I'm really into this teal color lately. Our bedroom has this color accent as well. The large picture of a little hand holding hydrangeas I found at Goodwill a few years ago as well. It always comes out with Springtime!
This pencil drawing was done by my cousin Freiman. I have this verse written beside it: "Consider the lilies of the field and learn how they grow, they neither toil or spin. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, will He not much more surely clothe you?" Matthew 6:18

Which one

will it be?

"Babies have a wonderful way of teaching you how little sleep you really need."
ah, yes, soon I will know this all over again!

enjoy the good things

Sometimes I like to pick up the Bible and read a Psalm or Proverb that corresponds with the today I turned to Psalm 128. I thought it was beautiful, (and maybe a sign)!!??

"Happy are those who respect the Lord and obey Him.
You will enjoy what you work for, and you will be blessed with good things.
Your wife will give you many children, like a vine that produces much fruit. Your children will bring you much good, like olive branches that produce many olives. This is how the man who respects the Lord will be blessed.
May the Lord bless you from Mount Zion; may you enjoy the good things of Jerusalem all your life.
May you see your grandchildren, (I loved this part, what a neat blessing).
Let there be peace in Israel."
Psalm 128
Looking forward to enjoying what I work for....

Monday, April 27, 2009


I feel just like I did when my husband proposed to me, just sitting by myself and writing my name over and over again, but with a NEW last name. I've been sitting here while the boys nap writing out our boy/girl names....writing them by themselves, beside all our names, with only their brothers names, with our last name, the initials's been a fun journey picking out our names, now we just need a Baby to go with it!!!!

A special thanks to MY SISTERS for helping me today....the annuals are planted out front, the house is spic and span and our living room is even rearranged better then I could have imagined myself. It's just lovely! I have a few loads of laundry to do yet, some grocery shopping and then I can rest!! I'm thinking I better slow down now and take it easy....the hard work still lies ahead!

I hear the boys now, better get going!

"Life is always a rich and steady time
when you are waiting for something to
happen or to hatch."
E.B. White, Charlotte's Web~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Does that say 6 Days?

Still here with Baby nice and snug inside.

I think I had quite the burst of energy yesterday....and I think I overdid it a bit as well. Weeding the flower beds for hours and just fussing around the house and such. I started the day at 7 am by going to a few local garage sales with my sister. Found the cutest little red vintage table....looks precious in our kitchen. Found some Thomas stuff for Tyler and a few things for Christmas as well. Jake built an awesome stone wall out front and extended our front flowerbed. It looks GREAT. He worked all. day. long. I heard his restless sigh at 5:30 am and said, "you want to get started don't you?" He just chuckled. He doesn't even get up that early for work, but when he has a project/goal in mind, watch out!! He worked straight until 5:00 pm and only sat when I forced him to eat something! I have NEVER met anyone with as much determination as him! I played outside with the boys, cleaned the house and did laundry. It was a great day that ended with a lovely dinner with some of our friends! Thanks for all the good food and fellowship Clark & Kara, Sheldon & Jena and Josh & Nell....what a special night.

I woke up this morning around 2 am and was SO SORE from weeding, shoveling, raking, etc. Jake was sweet enough to go with me into the hot tub, we were still half asleep, but I knew if I didn't soak my aching muscles I would hardly be able to walk today. It was worth the trek out there.

We stayed home from church today, just rested, took the morning slow, drank coffee on the front porch while the boys built train tracks around us, went to Costco together and then made a slip and slide for the boys to play in. The boys are all napping now, (including my hard working Honey) and I'm off to get a pedicure/manicure. Gotta have pretty nails when you go into labor!! I think I'll do a bright pink, just feels like Spring. Or maybe one foot pink and the other foot blue?? Jake offered to tape them up and paint them with his paint, no thanks!

I've been having some cramping all week long and at my last appointment my midwife said I'm 2 centimeters, so it's nice to know they are "doing something." I have a feeling this will be a fast labor and delivery, but then again, you never really know. I'm getting excited to birth this Baby!!! See you soon little one!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow my sisters are graciously coming over to help me Spring clean and maybe plant some flowers, (although there's not that much to do as of now). It will be a beautiful day!

Hope you're enjoying this LOVELY day with the ones you LOVE!
Off for a little "me" time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A little photoshoot

My friend Adrienne came over this morning with her awesome new camera and took some shots of Baby-to-come and me. It was a fun morning while the boys played outside. Tyler wanted to be right in the picture most of the time, that made me laugh...I'm not too proud to admit, he's so much like his Mama...Last weekend during the Joyce Meyer conference we were singing a song about how God is our Safe Refuge, our Hiding Place. It got me thinking about Baby and how it is safe inside my womb, hiding out. I am hidden in Christ just as my Baby is hidden within me. What a beautiful picture of a Safe Refuge. There are a lot of verses in the Bible about how God is our Refuge, for instance:

"The Lord also will be a Refuge and a high tower for the oppressed..." Psalm 9:9

"The Lord is the Refuge and Stronghold of my life..." Psalm 27:1

" soul takes Refuge and finds shelter and confidence in You...." Psalm 57:1

"....but the Lord will be a Refuge for His people...." Joel 3:16
I looked up the definition of refuge and found this:

"That which shelters or protects from danger, or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which PROTECTS BY IT'S STRENGTH, or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place INACCESSIBLE to an enemy."
I especially liked that last definition...."inaccessible", what a strong word.
Despite these beautiful promises, I still don't understand why every womb that is filled does not blossom or even why every womb is not filled. I think often of those women in my life that have had their Baby die or long to have their womb filled and my brain and heart cannot comprehend it. And yet, I will trust that my God is Who He says He is.....He is a place of Refuge....for Mommy's and Daddy's and Baby too.
Thank you Adrienne for capturing these precious moments while Baby is still inside it's little cocoon! You had such great ideas....

"All the time we wondered and wondered,
who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating,
swimming deep, deep inside."
~Crescent D.~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I'm gonna be up for awhile"

the song playing was picked strategically, lest you wonder. At one point Paul sings, "4 in the morning I woke up from out of my dreams, nowhere to go but back to sleep, but I'm reconciled, I'm gonna be up for awhile.....I'm gonna be up for awhile."

.......and that pretty much sums it up for me!!

I have two options for sleeping at this point: my one side and my other side. They are getting sore so I wake up to move about, eat a little something and try again. This is the most trying part for me, the ending. And yet, I do know that Baby is much easier to take care of while still INSIDE me!

I'm getting so excited to meet our Baby!

I'll keep you posted....literally.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5th chapter of "The Well-Loved Soul"

Here is the 5th and final chapter of "The Well-Loved Soul", you can see the four previous Wednesdays for the first four chapters.
The Father
"My beloved spoke and said to me,
'Arise my darling, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away with me.'”
(song of songs 2 : 19)

He waits for her. He stands by her, often with His hands upon her shoulders, to steady her as she falters underneath the weight of all her burdens. He is deeply distressed by her service. By her need to place service above His sweet call to relationship and restoration. Many times He has called her away from her chaos, from the burdens, yet He has found her to be afraid to release them. She has grown to need her service to prove her worth. He is grieved that she fears disappointing Him. The weariness, the weight of letting down those around her is severe. She is chained to a god that does not resemble her true Father.

Again and again He calls her name, sometime blowing a refreshing breeze upon her face. He knows that sometimes she catches it. She feels it, she smiles. A bit of heaven on earth she thinks, and then quickly returns to her world. He lights up her world by giving her gifts that she mistakenly thinks she stumbled upon by chance at the store. He understands her needs, He knows her heart, He knows her longings to create beauty around her. He loves to catch her grinning.

In her world there is little permission for her to tend and nurture her female soul. To become a dwelling of outstanding beauty for her father. Her soul is deserted and lonely, detached and cold from the lack of precious light and loving exchanges. She does not understand the treasure of the soul of a woman, therefore she is unable to properly attend to its nurture and growth. She does not know what a refreshing sight the well-loved soul of a woman is to her Father.

He is blessed by her nature, her strength, her vulnerability, her courage, her insight, her devotion. She is a creation of wonder to Him. She is the culmination, the peak of His creative inspiration for the earth. She is His beauty. He carries a devoted love for her.

He is grieved to watch her whip herself with words, somehow believing that this severe punishment with facilitate the growth of a soul. He watches as she detaches herself and abandons parts of her being and pieces of her story that are wretched and ugly. Trying to compartmentalize, ignore, or erase those pieces that bring her shame. She does not realize that He has been witness to her entire journey, and holds the story of her life in His Hand. She does not need to hide it from Him, but to carry it to Him. To bring her life, her soul, her story into the very hands of the one who can restore everything. Who can create beauty from the sorrow of ashes….

He longs to place upon her head, a crown of beauty, a reminder of her true place in His world. In His world her value is unmistakable and her royal identity is evident to all. All of heaven sees the great resemblance she bears to her Father. It is well known across His Kingdom how deeply He adores her. It is as though she is the only one. His gaze fondly lingers upon her. This experience alone, could she grasp it, would undo even the deepest sorrow of being forgotten, overlooked, and abandoned. He does have a wonderful plan for her life, but it does not resemble the path she is currently laboring on. It does not resonate with feelings of futility by is purposed by eternal truths.

The eternal truths that His love is so devoted, so true, so pure toward her that He has given deeply of Himself to reclaim her. He counted even a torturous death incomparable to the joy of being eternally united with her. For the hope of her friendship, her love, her unbridled devotion towards Him.

To be continued…..

Monday, April 20, 2009

38 weeks!

Baby is getting fat! For the next few days, until she/he decides it's time to come out, she will continue to put on the weight. An average baby at this times weighs about 7 pounds and is about 20 inches long! WOW! When I actually think about that size and that it is INSIDE me, it's kinda crazy! I am always amazed when my babies come out, I hold them and look at my belly and think, "you were IN there!" Isn't this picture so amazing?? I found it online. Baby has a firm grasp and her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb! We are all getting so excited to meet this little one....I really like NOT knowing what we're having. I just love surprises and this is the BEST kind. Yesterday morning we were all snuggling in bed and I was picturing Baby right there with us. OH, the boys are just going to smoother this bitty Baby with love & kisses & hugs and hopefully all things kind and gentle!
We rearranged the kitchen last week to place the small pack n' play in there. I like having a changing/sleeping station on both floors....keeps from too much going up and down, especially when changing a newborns diaper 8-10 times a day, (is that how much you change them, I forget)! I have a list of things to get at Target, so I'll do that tomorrow. Also on my "to do" list for tomorrow is to pick up the birthing pool. It's a portable/disposable thing that we rent from a midwifery service. When filled it maintains the temp. at 100* so it's ready when you are. Both Tyler and Luke were born in the water and hopefully this one will be as is so relaxing and calming for me. Here's Tyler a few nights before Luke was born. I'm sure the boys will think it's their new toy!

I came upon this quote today and it made me smile: "By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant." by Phyllis Diller.

"A grand adventure is about to begin."
Winnie the Pooh~

Joyce Meyer Conference

Well, we made it! Baby is still inside and Mommy had an amazing weekend away! I'm so glad I went, although I will say I was never totally at ease, I just kept thinking "what if I go into labor?" My friend Lindy and I left Thursday morning and made it down to Virginia in great time. The conference was beautiful! Joyce is so full of practical, everyday wisdom and insight that can be applied to our daily lives. I took so many notes I got a blister on my finger! She spoke about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. And the worship.....oh, the glorious worship! The Hillsong team flew over from Australia so the unity on the team was unlike many I have seen or experienced. They seemed to flow as one as they led us into amazing times of worship and celebration. More often then once I thought, "I hope heaven is like this." So many voices singing in unison, casting our cares aside and seeking the face of God and His presence. Baby was jumping all around inside me, it was LOUD! The volunteers were very kind to this very pregnant woman, allowing me to sit in the handicapped areas, (after the conference began and if they were not filled)....the seats were cushioned and my body thanked them!! There was one seat left during every service, I was sooooo grateful!
I started having some cramping on Friday night, it kept me awake and I kept praying this wasn't labor because I didn't want to deliver in the hotel room! I finally called my midwife at 1 am, (sorry Maribeth for the scare)!! She gave me some helpful advice and calmed my nerves a bit. We headed home the next morning. I'm still experiencing a bit of cramping, but nothing major. I have a feeling it was from all the walking we were doing. Our hotel was a few blocks from the arena which was very handy. Lindy was kind to walk my pace, a very slow shuffle of sorts!! We ate out at Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Dairy Queen! It was fabulous. Just sitting, relaxing and eating slowly all while enjoying the company of a dear friend. I am refreshed!

Well, I hear the boys waking from their naps so I should be on my way. Plus, I have about 3 more loads of laundry, (3 down already). How the boys created so many dirty clothes and towels in a 3 day period is beyond my understanding! I'm happy to do it though and know it's all complete. I LOVE having an empty wash basket! Also, I believe that perhaps I am in the nesting phase as I cleaned my bathroom this morning with a toothbrush!! I'm talking the fan/vent thingy on the ceiling, all the way to the bathtub!! I'll post later with some cute Baby pics that were taken this weekend.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

a weekend away

Darlene Zschech & Hillsong - Angels

My dear friend Lindy is visiting from India for a week. We arranged it to overlap with a conference in Hampton, Virgina. Joyce Meyer will be teaching and Darlene Zschech will be leading worship! Can you say glorious?? We leave this morning around 11 and will return Saturday evening. I'm so looking forward to it, (despite being 38 weeks preggo) and possibly sitting for hours on end, but we can work with that. It's about a 5 hour drive so I told Lindy if I have ONE contraction we're coming home right away. I did find a midwife down there, (who will be attending the conference as well) and I have her cell number, just in case. I told her I hope I never have to talk to her again!! I went to see my midwife today and all is well. Baby is engaged, but no dilation at's to hoping it will stay that way. I am expecting a sweet time with my dear friend, lingering meals, soaking in the Presence of God with no responsibilities near by and enjoying the sunshine...maybe even some spa time!
I'll keep you updated if I deliver in the hotel room! HA! Have a great weekend, it's going to be beautiful! I went online to see some pictures of where we're going. There's a beautiful walkway linking the arena and our hotel. I choose the hotel closest to the arena so we could walk and not have to drive, (being in traffic with 5,000 other women behind the wheel was NOT my idea of fun)!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter at Grandpa & Grandma's house

My Easter bunnies, all bright eyed and bushy tailed before church....I love how the sleep is still in their eyes! What a cheese ball grin from Tyler!! My handsome men!
Feeling quite preggo this morning! (37 weeks)
Great memories are made each year at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Especially as the boys get older, it's so special watching them join in the fun with all their cousins! We enjoy an amazing meal together to start the day off right....(thank you to my niece Tessa for all the amazing pics)!and then Grandpa and some of the Daddy's hide all the eggs,
(over 100)!!
The Grandkids getting ready for Grandpa to say "GO!"
Chase and Tyler just ran and ran when he said go, they didn't pick up
a single egg for a minute or two and then realized they should maybe get to work! Luke found two eggs, promptly sat down and ate the contents! Tyler with his best friend Chase.
some of my beautiful nieces, seems like only yesterday THEY were running around
with their little baskets!
Hoping that your Easter was filled with
"Do not be afraid," the angel said, "for I know that you
seek Jesus Who was crucified.
He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.
Come, see the place where the Lord lay."