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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Does that say 6 Days?

Still here with Baby nice and snug inside.

I think I had quite the burst of energy yesterday....and I think I overdid it a bit as well. Weeding the flower beds for hours and just fussing around the house and such. I started the day at 7 am by going to a few local garage sales with my sister. Found the cutest little red vintage table....looks precious in our kitchen. Found some Thomas stuff for Tyler and a few things for Christmas as well. Jake built an awesome stone wall out front and extended our front flowerbed. It looks GREAT. He worked all. day. long. I heard his restless sigh at 5:30 am and said, "you want to get started don't you?" He just chuckled. He doesn't even get up that early for work, but when he has a project/goal in mind, watch out!! He worked straight until 5:00 pm and only sat when I forced him to eat something! I have NEVER met anyone with as much determination as him! I played outside with the boys, cleaned the house and did laundry. It was a great day that ended with a lovely dinner with some of our friends! Thanks for all the good food and fellowship Clark & Kara, Sheldon & Jena and Josh & Nell....what a special night.

I woke up this morning around 2 am and was SO SORE from weeding, shoveling, raking, etc. Jake was sweet enough to go with me into the hot tub, we were still half asleep, but I knew if I didn't soak my aching muscles I would hardly be able to walk today. It was worth the trek out there.

We stayed home from church today, just rested, took the morning slow, drank coffee on the front porch while the boys built train tracks around us, went to Costco together and then made a slip and slide for the boys to play in. The boys are all napping now, (including my hard working Honey) and I'm off to get a pedicure/manicure. Gotta have pretty nails when you go into labor!! I think I'll do a bright pink, just feels like Spring. Or maybe one foot pink and the other foot blue?? Jake offered to tape them up and paint them with his paint, no thanks!

I've been having some cramping all week long and at my last appointment my midwife said I'm 2 centimeters, so it's nice to know they are "doing something." I have a feeling this will be a fast labor and delivery, but then again, you never really know. I'm getting excited to birth this Baby!!! See you soon little one!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow my sisters are graciously coming over to help me Spring clean and maybe plant some flowers, (although there's not that much to do as of now). It will be a beautiful day!

Hope you're enjoying this LOVELY day with the ones you LOVE!
Off for a little "me" time!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Eagerly waiting with you. The little one is so fortunate to be born into your home.

Lindsay said...

i got a pedicure yesterday-hot pink with zebra stripes!!! haha i love it.