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Monday, April 20, 2009

38 weeks!

Baby is getting fat! For the next few days, until she/he decides it's time to come out, she will continue to put on the weight. An average baby at this times weighs about 7 pounds and is about 20 inches long! WOW! When I actually think about that size and that it is INSIDE me, it's kinda crazy! I am always amazed when my babies come out, I hold them and look at my belly and think, "you were IN there!" Isn't this picture so amazing?? I found it online. Baby has a firm grasp and her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb! We are all getting so excited to meet this little one....I really like NOT knowing what we're having. I just love surprises and this is the BEST kind. Yesterday morning we were all snuggling in bed and I was picturing Baby right there with us. OH, the boys are just going to smoother this bitty Baby with love & kisses & hugs and hopefully all things kind and gentle!
We rearranged the kitchen last week to place the small pack n' play in there. I like having a changing/sleeping station on both floors....keeps from too much going up and down, especially when changing a newborns diaper 8-10 times a day, (is that how much you change them, I forget)! I have a list of things to get at Target, so I'll do that tomorrow. Also on my "to do" list for tomorrow is to pick up the birthing pool. It's a portable/disposable thing that we rent from a midwifery service. When filled it maintains the temp. at 100* so it's ready when you are. Both Tyler and Luke were born in the water and hopefully this one will be as is so relaxing and calming for me. Here's Tyler a few nights before Luke was born. I'm sure the boys will think it's their new toy!

I came upon this quote today and it made me smile: "By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant." by Phyllis Diller.

"A grand adventure is about to begin."
Winnie the Pooh~


Just a little something from Judy said...

I am eagerly looking forward to meeting your precious little baby. The pictures of you are beautiful.

Bess said...

Seriously, seriously...where DID the time go?! I can't believe you will be holding a new child very, very soon...amazing!

You do look great!!!

CountryMidwife said...

So glad you're home and had a wonderful time!

Just FYI-- that picture is digitally enhanced. The uterus is too thick and powerful to permit that!

Enjoy your final days with the four of you, life will change so much soon!

tines said...

janelle, do i hear a new excitement and, dare i say, *readiness* for this baby to be here!!!?? nesting?! i love it! how excited i am for you. there is nothing like meeting your new little one! i cannot wait to hear the news and to see their beautiful little face! xo

Lulu and Tutz said...

May these next days be filled with anticipation and wonder at the beauty you are soon to experience!!! Can't wait to see "her" on your first stroll to the Creamery!!! Blessings on you both!