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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5th chapter of "The Well-Loved Soul"

Here is the 5th and final chapter of "The Well-Loved Soul", you can see the four previous Wednesdays for the first four chapters.
The Father
"My beloved spoke and said to me,
'Arise my darling, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away with me.'”
(song of songs 2 : 19)

He waits for her. He stands by her, often with His hands upon her shoulders, to steady her as she falters underneath the weight of all her burdens. He is deeply distressed by her service. By her need to place service above His sweet call to relationship and restoration. Many times He has called her away from her chaos, from the burdens, yet He has found her to be afraid to release them. She has grown to need her service to prove her worth. He is grieved that she fears disappointing Him. The weariness, the weight of letting down those around her is severe. She is chained to a god that does not resemble her true Father.

Again and again He calls her name, sometime blowing a refreshing breeze upon her face. He knows that sometimes she catches it. She feels it, she smiles. A bit of heaven on earth she thinks, and then quickly returns to her world. He lights up her world by giving her gifts that she mistakenly thinks she stumbled upon by chance at the store. He understands her needs, He knows her heart, He knows her longings to create beauty around her. He loves to catch her grinning.

In her world there is little permission for her to tend and nurture her female soul. To become a dwelling of outstanding beauty for her father. Her soul is deserted and lonely, detached and cold from the lack of precious light and loving exchanges. She does not understand the treasure of the soul of a woman, therefore she is unable to properly attend to its nurture and growth. She does not know what a refreshing sight the well-loved soul of a woman is to her Father.

He is blessed by her nature, her strength, her vulnerability, her courage, her insight, her devotion. She is a creation of wonder to Him. She is the culmination, the peak of His creative inspiration for the earth. She is His beauty. He carries a devoted love for her.

He is grieved to watch her whip herself with words, somehow believing that this severe punishment with facilitate the growth of a soul. He watches as she detaches herself and abandons parts of her being and pieces of her story that are wretched and ugly. Trying to compartmentalize, ignore, or erase those pieces that bring her shame. She does not realize that He has been witness to her entire journey, and holds the story of her life in His Hand. She does not need to hide it from Him, but to carry it to Him. To bring her life, her soul, her story into the very hands of the one who can restore everything. Who can create beauty from the sorrow of ashes….

He longs to place upon her head, a crown of beauty, a reminder of her true place in His world. In His world her value is unmistakable and her royal identity is evident to all. All of heaven sees the great resemblance she bears to her Father. It is well known across His Kingdom how deeply He adores her. It is as though she is the only one. His gaze fondly lingers upon her. This experience alone, could she grasp it, would undo even the deepest sorrow of being forgotten, overlooked, and abandoned. He does have a wonderful plan for her life, but it does not resemble the path she is currently laboring on. It does not resonate with feelings of futility by is purposed by eternal truths.

The eternal truths that His love is so devoted, so true, so pure toward her that He has given deeply of Himself to reclaim her. He counted even a torturous death incomparable to the joy of being eternally united with her. For the hope of her friendship, her love, her unbridled devotion towards Him.

To be continued…..

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