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Monday, April 20, 2009

Joyce Meyer Conference

Well, we made it! Baby is still inside and Mommy had an amazing weekend away! I'm so glad I went, although I will say I was never totally at ease, I just kept thinking "what if I go into labor?" My friend Lindy and I left Thursday morning and made it down to Virginia in great time. The conference was beautiful! Joyce is so full of practical, everyday wisdom and insight that can be applied to our daily lives. I took so many notes I got a blister on my finger! She spoke about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. And the worship.....oh, the glorious worship! The Hillsong team flew over from Australia so the unity on the team was unlike many I have seen or experienced. They seemed to flow as one as they led us into amazing times of worship and celebration. More often then once I thought, "I hope heaven is like this." So many voices singing in unison, casting our cares aside and seeking the face of God and His presence. Baby was jumping all around inside me, it was LOUD! The volunteers were very kind to this very pregnant woman, allowing me to sit in the handicapped areas, (after the conference began and if they were not filled)....the seats were cushioned and my body thanked them!! There was one seat left during every service, I was sooooo grateful!
I started having some cramping on Friday night, it kept me awake and I kept praying this wasn't labor because I didn't want to deliver in the hotel room! I finally called my midwife at 1 am, (sorry Maribeth for the scare)!! She gave me some helpful advice and calmed my nerves a bit. We headed home the next morning. I'm still experiencing a bit of cramping, but nothing major. I have a feeling it was from all the walking we were doing. Our hotel was a few blocks from the arena which was very handy. Lindy was kind to walk my pace, a very slow shuffle of sorts!! We ate out at Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Dairy Queen! It was fabulous. Just sitting, relaxing and eating slowly all while enjoying the company of a dear friend. I am refreshed!

Well, I hear the boys waking from their naps so I should be on my way. Plus, I have about 3 more loads of laundry, (3 down already). How the boys created so many dirty clothes and towels in a 3 day period is beyond my understanding! I'm happy to do it though and know it's all complete. I LOVE having an empty wash basket! Also, I believe that perhaps I am in the nesting phase as I cleaned my bathroom this morning with a toothbrush!! I'm talking the fan/vent thingy on the ceiling, all the way to the bathtub!! I'll post later with some cute Baby pics that were taken this weekend.

Happy Monday!

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Jess said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time! I was talking with a good friend of mine... Jamie Lynn, who told me that she was helping out at a birthing center, which just happens to be the same one you go to and I asked if she knew you and she did! What a small world!