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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Growing up so fast!

Early this morning Luke came over to our bed. This isn't rare, usually one or the other will make their way to our bed, have a short cuddle time, and then we carry them or ask them to go back to their bed. It's a sweet time for all of us. It's usually sometime after 1 am, I loose track of time. This morning I wasn't so eager to send Luke back to his bed, I just laid there in the darkness remembering so vividly his first months with us, the nighttime feedings, the hours spend gazing at him in awe of his beauty and perfection, the little noises that newborns make as they fall asleep.....and then I realized he's not my baby anymore....he's getting so big, seeming so grown up all of the sudden.
Luke, 1 day old.
Luke age 2 months. Same goes for Tyler, our almost 4 year old! Somehow he was born and then we slept a few times and now he's 4!

Tyler-16 months old.

Having those little moments with Luke help me recollect how fast time does go. Although it's not always easy, I must embrace the NOW. I was reading over some of my old journal entries the other day and came upon a few sentences. "I was in the grocery store today and an older lady came up to me and said, 'my, how I miss those days as a young Mother.' At first I wanted to laugh, but the more I thought about what she said, the more I realized that our kids grow and we tend to stay the same, left behind wondering...where did all those years go?"
Speaking of time going by quickly, my nephew Bennett is almost 6 months old already! What?? He was JUST born and I'm not kidding!
He's such a jolly fellow....just goes with the flow and doesn't make much of a fuss unless he needs something, but even those time seem few and far between with all his little "Mothers", (he has 4 older sisters) surrounding him. He's a joy to watch grow....soon he'll be running full force into the day! We're so glad you were born Bennett!

"I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen."
~ A.A. Milne~


Sheila said...

It was fun to read this post. I was just having a lot of these same thoughts just last week. I was scrapbooking the other weekend and maybe that's what triggered it. Seeing pictures from 4+ years ago and wondering where did all those days go from then until now! Am I making the most of my time? It sure does feel that as my kids grow up that I am still some how maybe 26?! That sure would be nice! So I understand what you are expressing.

Also hoping that the entrance of your little one into this world goes well!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly...eli turned 4 this past weekend!! Jake is 6!!! Kindergarten is almost OVER...Crazy!! and my little Max is almost 1...ahhh!!! I just had him, yesterday...Too fast!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful we are in this season of "mothering" together!
I love and appreciate you, Shrish

Lindsay said...

Where do you get all of the wonderful quotes that you put at the end of your posts? Were they just gathered throughout your life or is there a website you go to?! haha..

Lindsay said...

and.. um yes ill be your midwife! haha.. well-might need to learn and thing or two first. so this better not be your last child! Lance and I missed everyone too. We had an adult easter egg hunt with our church and i won a gift card to starbucks! yessssss! funny stories about the boys running and luke throwing eggs.. so cute. im sad im missing them grow up but ill be home this summer and ill see all THREE of your kid-os. i saw tess' pics of easter-they are wonderful!


Adrienne said...

You are SOOO right, time flies so enjoy the moment you're in- the kids are so much fun when they're little. It can be hard, but it's time that we'll never get back. My Mom has said that she misses that time in her life. I'm so glad I can share these moments of mothering with you my dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to our boys making memories together! thanks for capturing a few of those moments with Bennett.
love you

Jena said...

I too, know exactly what you mean!
My kiddos are SO BIG...