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Saturday, March 16, 2013


The blossoms of Springtime are beginning to grow and
our days have been filled with all sorts of busy.

My children are 1/2 dinosaur and
I know they are growing because I'm cutting their fingernails 
every week as opposed to the usual once a month.  Sorry, it's
not like you came here to read about my children's fingernails.
It's the little things in life that grab my attention.
As it should be.

Jake and I took a little 24 hour reprieve into the city. 
It was delicious. 
We ate and slept and read, worked out,
watched a movie, and Jake drove around town at 10pm 
to find tiramisu because he's awesome like that!
We watched the city from up above.

Neighborlies launched a few weeks ago. 
It's been really special being apart of such a beautiful venture. 
Each week a new issue comes out, Saturday mornings to be exact.
I can't wait for those cozy mornings where I can take some time to sit and read.  Truly, it is a one stop shop.  A little table talk, some favorite things, some humor and some soul searching....
all over a cup of coffee.  

We had fun putting the launch party together. 
You can see some of the pictures over at the site. 

I've been playing Uno.
hooded bandit is really getting good at it. 

Tyler is getting tall.
I don't know how I feel about it. 
He's so sweet! 

Capri is loved from sun up to sun down!

9 months already!
still so laid back and jolly.
our gem.

Lukie turns 6 next week.
I can't wait to celebrate him.
He acts like it's not a big deal, 
but he can't stop smiling when we talk about it.

I just finished an 8 week intense training program
called "The biggest Loser" and it was rough, but the results were worth the work!  Every Monday and Wednesday from 8-9pm we met at EmPower Training Systems and busted our butt, literally!  Thankfully some friends joined in and we all met together which helped immensely because goodness knows I wouldn't have gotten off that couch unless someone was waiting on me!! 
WAY TO GO GUYS!  Now that we're done I've started running, (easier to do when you're 15 lbs lighter)!  I forgot how wonderful it feels to run.  It's not easy to fit into the day and sometimes it doesn't happen, but I really want to continue this healthy lifestyle because I'm a better person all around when I get out and push myself.

With all my free time, (haha) I'm tagging all our out-grown clothing in anticipation for the upcoming sale next week!  This is my first year and it's messing with my "free spirit" a bit, all these rules and regulations in getting my clothes ready to sell....I am hoping it is rewarded with good payment! 

Until next time, 
rest well and be well. 

"Hold your horses Paisley".
"I don't have any horses Daddy."
~age 3~