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Monday, February 11, 2013

bits of home

Our sweetie girls are becoming friends. 
They really adore each other and we are so thankful for that. 
I wasn't sure how the adjustment would go for Paisley, but so far, so good.  She loves to "Mother" her and I'm happy to have a helping hand!  She will crawl into her crib and play with her and sing to her and "read" her books.  Capri feels comfortable with Paisley. 
The safety of sisterhood. 

I moved them into the same room last week.
Paisley thought she was pretty cool being "a charge" (in charge) of Capri!  Not quite the case, but she likes to feel like the top dog now instead of the other way around, (she was starting to act out while sharing a room with the boys...I think it was her way of trying to get their attention).  She would sing loudly at night and keep them awake, she would get out of bed and just go bop them on the head, she was coloring on the walls in her room, etc.  We've not had any issues since moving her and Capri together!  We don't know what we're doing half the time as parents, but sometimes we take good guesses! 
 I had fun rearranging! 

I've also been having fun working on the new project that's going to launch later this month, a new online magazine called "Neighborlies".  It is not my brain child in any way, rather my friend Jeane's idea, however I feel honored to be along for the ride!  

Lovie Capri is growing every day and I'm not sure what to do about it. We LOVE watching her personality come to life, she's sitting up now and babbling and doing pat-a-cake and has 1 lone bottom tooth that she constantly feels by sticking out her tongue like a little lizard. oh, it melt's me.  And she's growing up and I love my babies and I think this might be our last one and I just can't handle it!  Here she is all fat and happy lounging on our bed. 

Hung that banner I told you about in the last post. 
It's sweet. 

My girl, she loves to be together. xoxo. 

My friend Terri, (also one of the contributors on Neighborlies) mentioned this while talking with a group of young Mommy's, I thought it might lift your spirit today if you're feeling weary....and if you're NOT!  :)

"As one who is slowly being pushed behind, trust me....the days of in-tenseness will pass.  You will miss that moment that it changes from being so hard- to being in the past...and that is Grace.  If we saw our life in a series of starts and finishes we probably would never start in the first place. Just as quickly as they tumbled and jumbled into your life, they will leave you speechlessly behind.  Breath deeply in today....this very moment.  Even in the chaos....because chaos thins out and it is quiet again.  There is good in both--but we always wish away the one that's in front of us, hoping for the other!