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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Theater Thursday

From the maker of this video which made me cry with laughter: "This was the opening video done at a retreat called "You've Got Talent." Everyone is asking what inspired this. Here is goes... 1) We needed a great opening video that caught everyone off guard, and set the the tone for the weekend. 2) With this idea in mind, we thought we could use this video as a great object lesson about media choices (kinda creepy hearing your grandparents sing some of this), and 3) this has been a GREAT transgenerational culture experiment. It has totally bridged a gap with our Senior adults and our students. Hope you enjoy!

P.s. a big shout out to Sam for introducing me!!


Jena said...

Girl, that ROCKED!!!!!

Aimee said...

Oh, my word, that is so funny! I love how serious those seniors are!