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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paisley~the way I roll.

Hi. My name is Paisley and I'm 11 months old today.
Next month I'll be ONE,
(but don't tell my Mom because she'll probably cry).
This is the way I roll.

peas out.


Esther@fleurcottage said...


Anna said...

your daughter is so beautiful!

I was wondering if you remember the name and kind of paint you painted your dark blue bedroom. I want to paint my sunporch roof the same color because I really like your bedroom.

Sarah said...

What a BIG girl...she is so precious!!!

Jessica Sue said...

Love it... taking life "head first"! Beautiful little Paisley.

consume me... said...

Oh, my...I vividly remember holding those same tears back just before Emma turned one! I remember like yesterday, sitting in her the dark...just watching her sleep the night before she turned one! was like yesterday...not at all like 13 1/2 years ago.

clarita barkman yoder said...

Beautiful Paisley! I cannot believe our little babies are nearly one year old... Time is going by entirely too fast, and it makes my mommy heart sad!

I'm finally catching up on your blog tonight... I always love coming here, reading your real stuff, hearing what you're excited about (I NEED SOME OF THOSE PLATES FROM TARGET TOO!!!), what mommy life is like at your house... You are one of my very favorite blogs, and I mean that! :)

Love you, and hope your week is lovely!

Lindsay said...

:) Mmm i hope so too! good whether just in time for Easter. cant wait to hug you and show you pictures and play with my cousins. see you sunday!!