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Monday, March 29, 2010

our new plates and cups

As mentioned in a previous post,
I bought these new plates and cups and napkins.
i am in love.
they match.
everything goes together so perfectly.
aren't they darling??
they have a vintage red bicycle on them.
just like i had as my first bike.
they have three circles for food/cup holder.
they rock.
the cups have silver sparklies and water stuck in the side
you can watch a cool glitter show while you drink your orange juice.
they have been sealed with the smile of approval.
Mom award.

"Everything tastes better
when eaten off of a pretty plate."
~Naomi Beiler, (my Mom)~


Tessa said...

Im bummed i missed the party yesterday! lovvvee this song :) im gonna have to stop by for a visit soon!

Amelia Grace Barker said...

Oh my goodness....the plate, napkins and glasses are darling! I am doing a baby shower and theses would be perfect for the kids! Where did you get them!?
Thanks so much,