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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on Tyler

breakfast and a bucket by the fire.
that nasty stomach bug passed thru our house right before Tyler got sick. We are SO GRATEFUL TO BE HOME AGAIN. I know I've said that so many times before, but it remains true. I look back on the past 2 weeks and realize I didn't know the strength that was lying dormant in me all this time. I am continually amazed at how, when called, a person can rise to current need/demand. I thought I was so busy/tired before all this happened; the hospital stay, the emotional roller coaster, the questions, the 24 hour medicine routine, etc. I realize now that those were "easy" days, relatively speaking. Oddly, I feel like I have more energy now then ever before. I guess because my focus is more singular. I am here to see that Tyler gets better, (as best I can). Motivation, no. Energy, yes. Two very separate things. Only today have I finally finished putting a weeks worth of laundry away. Tomorrow I will start deep cleaning my home. I love to deep clean. I went away last night for the first time in what felt like forever. Just me, to Target, for toilet paper and a couple other things.

Tyler's nurse, Amy, lives here in Strasburg so that is special to us. She comes by once a week to change his picc line dressing. NOT a fun thing and painful for him and for me to watch. But she was soooo kind and did a wonderful job. It seemed 80 times worse in the hospital when they did it. I guess because everything was so heightened at that time.
His medicine routine is just that....a routine. We feel like we have it down pretty well so far. It's melting into the rest of my day/night, but I do feel myself thinking, "don't forget to do it, don't forget to do it."
Tyler is still limping. The Doctors said it will be some time before the antibiotics do their work and bring complete healing to his muscles. They said that oftentimes children his age will favor their leg because they remember previous pain, (even after it is actually better). Tonight though he started talking about his OTHER hip hurting...what the heck? I'm calling the Doctor tomorrow morning.
The antibiotics are very strong, causing diarrhea in him. I feel so badly for him. He had three accidents yesterday and was very upset about it, understandably so. The nurse said to give him more yogurt which will cause the good bacteria to help form more regular stool. (Thank you for taking the time to read about my sons bowels)!!!!!
He said to me yesterday, "my body hurts Mom." Oh, my heart broke for him. I had to fight back the tears right then and there.
His coloring is still way off too, just a pale, transparent look to him. Again, the nurse said this morning that this is "normal" when on these strong meds. Oh, I'm so ready to have my healthy boy back! I see the end in sight and recognize that there are MANY who do not. Many, many parents are dealing with terminal illnesses in their babies, their precious toddlers or their school-aged children. My heart has been filled with compassion like NEVER before.
Tyler wakes up at least once a night crying of pain in his hip/leg area. But we have learned that if we give him some Motrin right before bed, this usually curtails that happening. He's not as hungry as I'm use too, but that also is a side effect of the meds.
Tonight when we were saying our good-night prayers I told him how excited I am when he will feel all better and we will run all around the yard together and jump high and climb trees. He just smiled. He has amazed us with his bravery, strength, patience and optimism throughout this whole journey.
We thank our God for healing him COMPLETELY and giving us the STRENGTH WE NEED FOR encourage him and help him toward wholeness!

"We hold that man is never so near grace
as when he begins to feel he can do nothing at all."

~C.H. Spurgeon~
High Doctrine, June 3, 1860.

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