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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paisley-girl 10 months

Dear Baby Girl, you are coming to LIFE in a whole new way!! You are crawling like a champ and going down the little steps in our kitchen on your belly. You just started going up the big flight of steps. Gate time....oh wait, I don't use gates. Just chairs turned on their sides. Okay, chair time! You pull yourself onto anything and pull down everything you can reach! You love the Tupperware drawer and holding onto my leg while I'm standing at the sink.
You are so freakin' loud when you cry. You hurt my ears if you're crying while up on my shoulder!! Your hair is getting long and I don't know what to do with it. I'm new at this "girl hair" thing. It's hanging in your eyes half the time and I think you would look like Audrey Hepburn if I gave you bangs. Ooooh, maybe I will!
When it's time to go to sleep I put you up on my shoulder and hold you close. You grab my hair and rub it until you get sleepy. I love that. It's one of my favorite times of the day. I usually take a really deep breath and thank God for your nearness.
Your brothers are rough with you and you could care less. Although sometimes I hear a shriek and that usually means someone, (Luke) is on top of you! You love to tackle someone if they are lying on the floor. You are so quick to smile....if you're in Mommy's arms. You just started putting your head down in shyness and I want to bottle those moments up because they are soooo precious!
When I'm holding you and you want my attention, you take my face and turn it toward you. My heart warms up and swells to almost bursting.
Oh, baby girl. we love you SO MUCH! Do you know how much fun we're going to have together this Spring and Summer? And did you know you haven't even touched the grass yet!?
Oh, I can hardly wait to introduce you!

"The day the Lord created
was probably the same day
he created Spring."

~Bern Williams~

**Photo credits to my niece Tessa. She kept Luke and Paisley one of the days we were in the hospital and took these shots! So lovely! Come back soon 'cause I have some more ADORABLE shots from a recent photo shoot with my friend Adrienne. She's been photographing Paisley since she was in my womb!


Jena said...

love that Paisley girl!

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing that Janelle. it made me think of God's love for us and what he would write if he were to make something like this.

Jeane` said...

i didn't think it was possible, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!! I especially liked your closing quote.

Fan said...

Oh I LOVED fixing my baby girls' hair! Why don't you get some barrettes and we'll see if we can come with a "do" that suits Paisley-girl! And maybe bangs...she would look adorable! just don't curl them with a curling iron like I did my little girls. (I really DID that.)