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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Luke's 5th Birthday Party!!

good morning mr. five year old!  
i love decorating after the birthday boy or girl goes to bed. put up a few decorations, (they don't care what it looks like) even if i don't feel like it, i do it anyway. only once a year do you wake up on your BIRTHDAY and i like to make it extra special.  i fill bags with dollar store stuff and candy and quarters, dollar bills....whatever i can pull together!  

 On the morning of his birthday we happened to be having our monthly family breakfast, (all 7 of my brothers and sisters and our parents at "The Bird").  Luke came along with some of his cousins that morning and had a chocolate covered donut with a candle in the middle!  He couldn't believe I let him eat the entire thing!

He got some serious cash that morning from his Uncles!!  


To celebrate we had a racin' good party the weekend before his birthday!  The weather was outrageously warm for March so we pulled this together as quickly as possible....fitting for a race car theme I guess!  It was great to have him help plan and prepare for his "big party."  He was so delighted to be part of the action.  Uncle Tom let us borrow his cool "real signs".  Luke shined them up and got them all ready.....he's our worker and finds great joy in details, fulfillment in getting the job done right, (just like his Daddy and his namesake, Uncle Tom)!

Jake made a race track in the yard.  Orange spray paint, a pit stop, a flashing traffic light and the signs placed about.  It was so cool!  We had four battery operated cars that the kids could drive around the track, (or push once the batteries died)!  

Jake has this sign for his business. 
I tweaked it slightly. 

Under the gift tree we had matchbox cars, some books to read and of course lots of gifts.  


JOY at 3mph!!!!

Luke helped rip and color an old white t-shirt of his into a checkered flag.  We nailed it onto a broom handle. 

This was a labor of love. 
Grammie made the cake and I decorated it. 
He wanted a "Cars 2 Cake with Finn McMissile in the water and a racetrack."  It was fun creating it...... 

but even more fun presenting it to him!  

I found these stickers online, but instead of ordering them I just printed them out on regular paper and taped them onto skewer sticks. The flags were also found online, (googled different countries flags and printed them out) and thedid the same thing, but taping them onto toothpicks instead.  

Normally not one to show his emotions easily, he was a ball of JOY this day!  It was so sweet to be a part of.  We love our Lukie!!
Here he is with his new shirt and car from Aunt Shrish. 

Jake got his air compressor out and blew up rocket balloons for the kids.  That was a hit!  

 "Let's race on our feet Daddy!!"

We ended the night with a road flare.....that thing lasted at least 30 minutes and the kids danced around it, it was one of Luke's favorite things he told us later.  It did look pretty neat as the sun went down!  

 It was still so warm so we watched a movie on the outdoor screen and then called it a day!

“Your birthday is a special time 
to celebrate the gift of 'you' 
to the world.”

~Author Unknown~


Kat said...

Wow...what a special birthday party. You thought of everything! Looks like it was so much fun--good job, Momma!

Michelle said...

So So So much fun and specialness in this post :) {I see that you printed the Italian flag. Good choice!}

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

love the new header on your blog! :)

Kelli said...

What a fun looking birthday and the cake WOW!

Anonymous said...

hi, in your cake, did you use 4 9x13's or 2 of them? thank you

The lady of the house... said...

we used 2 9x13's.