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Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Boom!

Six of my friends welcomed new babies into the world this month!!! Here are a few of them, before they made their debuts! What a glorious time of new birth, new life, new beginnings....a sure sign of Spring!




ASHER ROBERT BRUCKHART My dear friends, may you have a peaceful, grace-filled time of adjusting to your "new normal."
May you have some time for just the two of you, time to drink in the newness of heaven so close. The Lord is near to you each, LEAN HARD on the Strong Arm.....and remember, you WILL again sleep consecutively for five hours, I promise!

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."
~Don Herrold~


Vickie said...

Oh what JOY!!! It is like flowers popping up in the spring! It makes me smile just to catch a glimpse. And soon, dear friend, it will be you. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! This is fun to see everyone.


p.s. Todd will be in Ephrata next weekend!

Anonymous said...

i have to say, that cooper eli, is too cute! he must have good looking parents! :) still have yet to meet him. can't wait.
congrats to all. they are all adorable and such a precious and scared gift.
(i hope to see a post of baby boy in june) hee hee AND baby girl in May! :)

Sarah said...

You all look so beautiful!!! Baby bellies... I love it!!!

CountryMidwife said...

Oh, the babies are so adorable! Though of course the cutest of all is Maja... and your bundle of joy to be... We all KNOW that Birth Care babies are the cutest and the best behaved :) :)

Did all the couples go away on a romantic weekend together or something?!

Lindsay said...

ooooo the babies! so precious.

Bess said...

Yeah, baby boom...tell me about it! We have 11 friends having babies this year...craziness! All are so cute...

And yes, Maribeth: Birth Care babies ARE the cutest and best behaved. ;o) Although Women and Babies Hospital does spit out a few good ones here and there. (I have one of those, too!)

CountryMidwife said...

Yep, Beth, you're right! And I guess you'd say Birth Care also grows 'em big! :) (which is true!).

Mary June Miller said...

Ohhh - I don't know how I missed this post! What a fun time of our lives to be having children together! I'm looking forward to meeting your little one!

And I sure hope you feel better soon!

Love ya Mj