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Friday, February 19, 2010

a new trick

I found a new "trick" today. Well, it's new to me anyway! The boys were up at 7 am, too early in my book! They don't go to bed until 8:30, falling asleep even later. Anyway, I stumbled over to their room this morning looking as darling as I can when woken too soon...."okay boys, you are not allowed to let your feet touch the floor until the big hand is at the 6, do you understand me?" Wide eyes and head shakes follow. Of course, I forgot that when boys are awake they'll be L-O-U-D whether they are IN or OUT of, needless to say my eyes didn't get one more second of beauty sleep. I just laid there and thought about all the lovely things I got to do today.

*Get everyone fed, dressed and out the door by 9:30.

*Bread making day with my sister Von. I've GOT to do a post on this. We've been making bread together since early October and it is AMAZING!! We grind our own wheat and everything . One loaf is already eaten since it came out of the oven this afternoon.

*My nephew Aiden is with us this weekend while his parents are in NYC seeing Eric Clapton in concert at Madison Square Gardens. No, I'm jealous at all!!

*Went and survived Target with 3 boys 5 and under, napless boys at that! And just between you and me, I picked up some adorable things for my upcoming 400th post giveaway! (As inspired by my friend Jeane` and her delicious blog)!!
*Just had a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato about an hour ago....and it wasn't decaf! Hey, I've got to have SOMETHING to keep up with these boys all night!!

*Hot tub with all the kids and now they're all bundled up on the couch watching "Toy Story." I'm sitting in our cozy kitchen listening to Miles Davis and dreaming about Springtime! My mind is reeling with grand ideas for the 50's Cocktail Party I'd like to host! in our backyard. Oh, what lovely, vintage masterpiece will I wear?? *To top it all off, the boys will be sleeping in the ginormous tent that is currently pitched!!! Remember how wonderful sleepovers use to be? I have such fond memories of my childhood.....and for some reason, my friends and I use to have farting contests when the lights went out! GROSS! (I won't name names)!! And I thought I was such a lady. I suppose your aren't BORN a lady, but BECOME a lady, right?!!

I hope you have a happy weekend.
Be back Monday.

"In childhood, we press our nose to the pane,
looking out.
In memories of childhood,
we press our nose to the pane,
looking in."
~Robert Brault~


Shar said...

No naming names...and then you go and post a huge picture of me underneath! Farting contests were just the beginning...oh the books we could write of our childhood! I love you...

Just a little something from Judy said...

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. You always make me smile with your endless stories about motherhood. I do think you have beautiful sisters, and I know how much fun to be together with them. My sisters and I have great times together too. The vintage dresses would be perfect for your party.

Esther@fleurcottage said...

i'm not sure which one i wanna groan for at the moment...the hot tub or the thought of summer parties! :) lovely post...

Beth in NC said...

Oh, your vintage party sounds like fun! And I'm glad you survived the Target journey with the boys. Ha.

Have a super weekend!

Mary June Miller said...

Ha - you always inspire me!! It was soo good to catch up with you a little last weekend. Wish we would see each other more.
Portia must be a 50's kind of girl - she ooooh and ahhh over the dresses you have posted here! I think they are lovely too!
Hope you have a splendid day - Mj

Jeane` said...

Now I know what Paisley will look like when she's around 5 years old!!! (and how pretty she will be!). I love the quote at the end. You must have journals bursting with the best quotes ever. If you publish them, please let me know!!

Aimee said...

Love those '50's dresses!! My favorite decade ever!

You impress me with your breadmaking skills. Seriously, you must teach me someday!

Jena said...

It was so refreshing this morning! I was SO serious about the breadmaking...
When can we come?

Ang Stoltzfus said...

fun post! love the "no names"...& great picture of you two...i can just imagine! =)) for a second there, i was trying to remember if i was your guilty partner...but the only memories that i could conjure up where of star-gazing....=))) we saw LOTS of shooting stars together didn't we?