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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A favor to ask?

Ok, so I'm no politician, (I'll leave that to my brother)!!!
However, I AM going to ask for your VOTE!!!
I entered a HILARIOUS STORY about Tyler over at this site.
And guess what??? I was chosen as one of the top 5 stories!!!
The WINNER gets this:
Oh, be still my heart!!!!

it's an adorable mini Polaroid camera!

So, here's where the favor comes in!
The winner will be the one who receives the most votes!
Oh, dear readers, don't let me turn back into a Polaroidless pumpkin!!

Would you go to her site and vote for my story??

THANKS SO MUCH and I'll keep you posted!
If I win, I'll celebrate with a giveaway!!
OH WAIT, I'll be doing that anyway in about one week:
to celebrate my 400th post!!!

Okay, so like my Mom use to forbid me from doing,
I'm going to "boss you around"
and say, GET TO VOTIN' YA'LL!!!!
(If I use that beautiful Southern accent, it sounds nicer doesn't it??)

"Winning is not everything,
but the effort to win is."
~Zig Ziglar~


Anonymous said...

my vote is in!

also, i joined your "followers" link and thought i get emails when you post. however, i did not. what must i do?

Michelle said...

I just voted - I hope you win! Much fun :)

Vickie said...

love it! my vote is cast =) I want you to get the camera...I want one too. I have the tiny one...izone. We use it as communication cards for Jack. I really want this one! I know what Zig says, but....winning does count for a lo, right?!??


Anonymous said...

i'm voting, im voting!!! hope you win...

Mary June Miller said...

I put my vote in! Love that story! Another one you could have used is the one that happened at the New Holland fair with the cow's hiney! ( : That one always brightens my day when I think about it! ( :

Hope you win - love you - Mj

Jena said...

ooooh, you know I am voting Girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm "rooting" for you so you have my vote! ruthie

Kae Jo said...

Your fave babysitter also had several statuses and sent an email to some of her peeps. AHEM AHEM!!! ;) PS Back to the blogging world, wahoo!